Revenge dressing or Casual dressing? What do you prefer?

Once the quarantine ends, maybe the Indian fashion will turn to ‘MADE IN INDIA’. 

Italy has declared that it would organise a digital fashion week in Milan. This news is a great hope for the industry that is the worst hit by the black virus. Fashion industry has suffered incredible losses due to the lockdown with the onset of the corona virus. The revival will surely take a while. 

Fashion bloggers have been dressing up to remain active on social media and to provide quality content to their followers. While some of us are happy in our pajamas. Now the question is, post the quarantine – How would people like to dress up? Will they get used to their casual clothing or will they dress normally like ever before or will they choose for the ‘revenge dressing’ option?

Fashion as we know it. Source: Rue now -Rue La La

What is Revenge Dressing?

Yes, you read it right, THE PHRASE IS REVENGE DRESSING. Now what is revenge dressing? People are confined to their homes, with no new source of shopping or no new occasion for dressing up. So post the lockdown period, they may dress up very heavily to compensate or take revenge for those circumstances where they could not really dress up and were confined to the four walls of the home.

The era of dressing up. Source: FashionLady

People can also look up for the ‘CASUAL DRESSING OPTION’ in which they no longer mind being not so heavily dressed and become used to their casual clothes. The choices are totally subjective from person to person and the psychological factors play a very important role in this decision. 

If people have been dressing up pretty similar to their usual life or routine, revenge dressing isn’t an option. But for those who are getting frustrated with their casual clothes or are fearing that their party clothes will no longer fit, may go for the revenge dressing option.  

With the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, the imports may decrease for a while. This gives the handloom and the traditional fashion industry a chance to boost the sector. The current scenario could also lead to an increase in the sale of handloom products. Thus, increasing employment too since the handloom industry is very laborious.

While some designers have been using this time to create fantastic designs, the predictions of the exact outcomes is hard but an aggregate estimate can be made. Our duty as citizens is to help the poor weavers survive this crisis. Currently, the pandemic has brought the income of the labourers to a standstill. We, as responsible citizens have a small duty to perform post the pandemic is over. We have to be vocal for local. We have to reduce our purchases from foreign retail stores and encourage our fellow weavers of the Indian fashion industry to thrive. 

Source: Fashion World

So coming back to the question, what would you prefer? Revenge dressing or casual dressing?

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