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How many of you waste money on buying things that you don’t end up using more than twice? I do! How many of you buy things inspite of knowing that the usage is only for a particular occasion or a need ? I do! If you’ve answered a yes to both the questions, then it is definitely worth reading ahead.

We all look for ways to save money. We all look for ways to get rid of unused stuff lying at different corners of the house. Today, I have a solution for you- is an online market place for renting. It brings the owners and the renters together for the benefit of both. Gorenty, as a platform allows owners of goods and services to rent out to interested users and earn money. The renters, on the other hand save money by availing lucrative rental deals available in and around their locality. It’s a win-win for both the sides.

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lifestyle blog
Products and services across various categories are available for rent.

Gorenty has a friendly interface that allows users to browse as well as list across multiple categories of products and services along with pricing, contact and other details. From cars, bicycles, home appliances, furniture to outfits, music and elctronics, the list is endless. You have a product, it will find its place on Gorenty.

Benefits of Gorenty:

  • Listing of the products is free. The site will keep on adding more features, premium listings from time to time.
  • Take expensive products at an affordable rent and save money.
  • Post any product lying idle at your home and earn money on it.
  • Save up on buying expensive products for an occasion when you know you won’t use that product again. Take an outfit or an accessory on rent rather than buying it for a single usage.
  • Gorenty shares the listings on social media, thus exposing your products to a wider audience.

Earn some extra buck by renting products through Gorenty. Save some extra buck by taking products on rent through Gorenty. Either way, it is a WIN-WIN. Happy renting!

    1. Hi Jaya
      When we rent out our stuff it is always advisable to take advance rent + deposit amount and id proof also there is a agreement format that can be fill and signed by both the parties.
      In case of valuable goods agreement can be made on stamp papers with terms and conditions.

      This format works worldwide like this only.

  1. Tanya thank you for introducing this site with us.People can earn with their products. love reading about this.

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