Look “Thin” in just a minute…

Tired of starving? Tired of looking at the mirror with horror? Don’t be…Here are some quick styling tips to look thin.

  1. Wear one color from your head to toe. This will make you look tall and thin. Stick to one color in your outfit.
  2. Pull your hair in a high ponytail or tie a top knot bun. Wear your hair up to make your face look taller.
  3. Wear pointy heels to get a slender look. Pointy heels help in looking long and narrow.
  4. Wear straight or boot cut denims for a streamlined look.
  5. Wear fitted clothes. Your tops and bottoms should neither be too small or too large. Large clothes add weight and smaller size clothes squeeze the fat out of the clothes.
  6. Wear correct size of undergarments. Very important for girls as it is essential for tops and blouses to fit correctly.
  7. Layer on top. Even little bumps show with a single layer at the top. Pair it with lightweight capes, cardigans, tops or shrugs. This helps in hiding bulges.
  8. Wear darker bottoms and light colors on top. Dark colors subtract weight whereas light colors on the other hand add weight. For the majority of us, the bottom half is larger. Thus, darker jeans, skirts and pants are recommended with lighter tops.
  9. Forget embellishments. Baubles, jewels and ribbons dangling from the clothes make people look big by adding bulk. Stick to simple and solid fabrics to create a slim look.

Try these simple and doable tricks to get a slimmer and confident look. Some additions and subtractions in your existing wardrobe can easily help you to achieve a thinner look. And yes most important, wear it with attitude. You are important and very beautiful. Don’t forget to add that smile and a twinkle in the eye.

Stay stylish


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