In Conversation: Priyanka Thakran for Angiya Bras

angiya bra
Angiya Bra

Priyanka Thakran is on a mission to change the way women look at their bras. She realised that women have been wearing wrong bras which are extremely unhealthy for the breasts and the environment. She went back in history to find women in Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan wearing the ‘angiya’, which basically is a small choli that gives ample coverage and comfort to the breasts. These cholis can also be worn as outerwear for being so pretty. And with this she gave wings to her dreams and launched ‘Angiya Bras’.

The Angiya Bra supports the breasts, gives ample coverage and is optimal for health and environment. This no frill bra is more functional, extremely stylish and comes in 8 different styles which she hopes to take to 15. Made with organic cotton, these are ‘healthy and stylish bras’ for everyday need.


angiya bras
Angiya Bra
angiya bra
The traditional Indian bra comes back.


Priyanka Thakran speaks to Tanya Virmani on her love & passion for Angiya Bras.

  1. Before we begin the interview, tell us five reasons to switch to an Angiya Bra.

The 5 difference you’ll get with the Angiya Bra as opposed to the traditional bra:

Comfort. We are going all out in giving women comfort where they need it most. We will have various ways of providing the support our breasts need, without any discomfort. Also there’ll be a variety of ways to hold the bras together, i.e. strings, hooks, clasps and innovative and interesting ways of utilizing the elastic to give you the support you need without your breasts feeling compressed in any way.

Sexier. Our designs and fabrics will be a lot sexier than what is out there currently.

Organic. Organic is good not just for your body but also the environment.

Cotton: In a hot country like ours cotton is the best support for your breasts. It’s a fabric that breathes and absorbs better than any other.

Liberation: You can actually burn that bra. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers didn’t wear the bra. They wore an angiya. So why are we putting ourselves through this misery.


  1. How are you currently selling? At what price points?

For the crowd funding we have pledge options from Rs. 2k to Rs. 100k. You can pledge as much as you like and there are lifetime rewards with all.

The bras, which are part of the rewards in the campaign, are going to be the more elaborate versions. At some point I would like to launch a basic version with an even lower pricing so that it’s available to an even wider audience. But for this crowd funding exercise we have done a minimum of Rs. 2k for which you get a more elaborate design bra.


  1. There are various parameters while choosing a bra. How do you cater to that?

By giving various options. For the first collection we are doing 15 different designs with color and fabric variations along with tying options.


  1. Women are used to wearing the current formats of padded, under wired, sporty etc. How do you see the transition happening?

For the first collection we are creating 3 different types of fabric.

One is going to be a thicker weave called a basket weave. Another is going to be an organic cotton and lycra blend. And the 3rd is a very soft mal.

We will be creating cup options with Rajasthani quilting. Also the basket weave will give you nipple cover.

We also plan to use Rajasthani quilting under the breast area as well, so instead of the metal wire you will have support via quilting and other stitching methods.


  1. A regular good bra averages at Rs 800/- to 1500/-. Angiya Bras are comparatively expensive. How do you address that?

Like I said, once we are a large operation and can amortize costs we would like to have basic versions priced lower. However, its important to remember that the Anigya is a hand made bra in custom made fabric and innovative designs.


  1. Will the price of the angiya bras see a reduction post crowd funding?

Once the operations scales up, yes.


  1. Angiya bras VS designer bras. Which one wins?

The Angiya is a designer bra.


8. How do you aim to make it a mass product?

By the sheer popularity of the product! We want to make a world class product that transcends all differences with its sheer quality.


With Priyanka’s efforts, traditional Indian bra will return as a fashion trend for healthier breasts. She is currently crowdfunding 30 Lakh Rupees as pre orders in order to manufacture angiya bras in bulk and reach out to more women. You can support her venture here.

I am all excited to try the angiya bra. How about you?

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