Palazzo pants- The comfy 60s style pants

The 60s remind of moving from the black n white to the coloured silver screen and bringing the fashion into our lives staright from Bollywood. The Palazzo– The comfy 60s style pants make a come back again and this season totally belongs to them. Give away your skiny jeans, leggings and jeggings and move to these coloruful and loose trousers instead. They are the answer to beat the blazing heat And in style.


What are Palazzo Pants ? Palazzo pants are cut with a loose, wide leg that exceptionally flares out from the waist. These are long trousers for women.

Palazzos are available in soft fabrics such as crepe, linen, jersey, chiffon and more and are super comfortable. The pants remind of yesteryear divas like Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn and are the new mantra of the fashion designers in India. Worn with the right top and accessory, they add the glam and the oomph in the entire look . Here are some tricks to wear them right :

– Team with the right top , t-shirt or shirt. Wear body hugging tops to accentuate the overall silhouette. A loose top with a loose Palazzo will look shabby. Add fun with spaghettis, tank tops, camisoles or blouses that fit well and let the Palazzo pant flow below. Tuck your top to look taller.

– Opt got wedge heels or ballerina flats with them.

-A stachel style bag on the side will complete the look. Otherwise wear a Tote bag.

– Go for geometrical, tribal and floral prints or for plain Palazzo in bright colours.

– Add on belts, colourful scarves, bangles, earings to pep up the pain Palazzo Pants.

Palazzos are available in high end stores and street markets such as Janpath and Sarojni Nagar with a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from.Don’t conufse them with Bellbottoms, Gaucho Trousers, Harem Pants or Parallels. Whether its for the college, movie or an evening get out, spin your girlfriends by walking confidently in the latest fad and invite those questioning eyes from every passerby…Lets expresso in Palazzos!


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