Paan Singh Tomar : Standing ovation to Irrfan Khan !

Paan Singh Tomar

Irrfan Khan wins National Award for best actor for Paan Singh Tomar bollywood movie

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Mahi Gill

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Producer: UTV Motion Pictures

Songs: Not much, not required. Use of local folk songs for the background, true poetic description.

Hall: The Great India Place, Noida

Capacity: Housefull

Release date: 2nd March’2012

Strength: Passionate characters, Hard hitting dialogues.

I didn’t expect much when I went to see the movie but the jam packed hall proved the worth right at the beginning. Paan Singh Tomar, an excellent movie and Irrfan Khan- definite for the National award. The movie is based on the true story of a runner who was employed at Indian Army and won the Gold medal at Indian National Games but was forced to become a baaghi … what a nightmare and what a story …

The starting of the movie provides the backdrop of Irrfan Khan/Baaghi giving his interview to a journalist and taking through the chronology of events in his past life. The naïve Paan Singh Tomar and his journey ending up as a baaghi is caricatured intrinsically. The movie is full of satire on the government, parliament and the police systems.The pace is fast and gripping and takes through the life of Paan Singh Tomar from his wedding, army induction , sports affiliation, medal winnings and turning a baaghi… what a life and what a character who has seen it all and been through the extreme highs and lows…

The movie doesn’t compromise on the wit and the message and delivers powerful one liners like “Beehad mein baaghi hote hain, dakait parliament mein milte hain”- I gasped and laughed out loud on this one :). The language is local and delivered absolutely by Khan and maintains an ease to be understood by the janta including me. The movie stays away from the abuses and makes it convenient for the entire family to sit together and watch.

Irrfan Khan is a natural actor who can do any scene with the required poise. He can make you laugh and at the same time depict the pathos of the character. He delivers the dialogues in the most eloquent manner and retains the essence and the required melodrama. The story is a full life circle of an innocent, passionate and honest man who believes in the judicial system and withholds it till the time he is betrayed by the same. The story is the life of you and me, of every man who has believed in the system and has been betrayed by it. The movie is a dedication to all unsung heroes of Indian sports who died penniless or died without a mention or died with extreme circumstances. The movie leaves with a deep thought and enough food for discussions and the most important ones in our minds. Paan Singh Tomar is a definite watch and Irrfan Khan gets a standing ovation.

  1. whether its PanSingh or Chandrakanta 🙂 Irfaan Khan has always impressed the critics, though he does not get the much deserved publicity. Anyways, we the people have developed an eye for talent..its only a matter of time.

    1. Totally …he is a born natural actor but our hindi cinema is so commercially driven with large canvas movies, that movies that aren’t mainstream get the mention but not the actual accolades…though the trend is changing and soon meaningful cinema will replace dancing around the trees.

    1. Thanks Nishchal, our country still lacks the basic encouragement for any sport other than cricket. Hopefully this movie proves to be an eye-opener and pulls the strings for promoting the non-commercial sports aswell.

  2. ultimate movie, “hum s aisi kya galti ho gai thi jo tumne hamara khel ka maidaan humse chheen k humare hathon m bandook pakda di”
    i have no words to express
    jawab dena padega is system ko jisne 1 athelete ko baaghi bana diya
    “dacoit hote hai parliment m”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Ultimate Irfan…I nvr miss his movies..from chanderkanta to paan Singh he is unique..In One Interview he was asked LAGTA HI NAHI AAP ACTING KRTE HAI
    ( So natural way, delivery of dilogue ) & what a reply from his side..” AISA NA BOLO KISI PRODUCER NEI SUN LIYA TO MERI FEE NAHI DEGA,BOLGEGA..TUNE ACTING TO KI NAHI FIR KIS BAAT KE PAISE :)..he he he..

    bas yaad aa gayi saab Gali sunne chala aaya ( frm paan sing..) ..impacts my mind imotionally connected
    No doubt Ultimate born actor..

    1. He is so naive and upbeat with his acting skills..a real gem of an actor.The movie is another landmark in his career.

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