Paaduks: The epitome of Vegan Footwear that’s Comfortable, Stylish, and Durable

Paaduks footwear review
Strutting like a breeze at work in my new Paaduks sandals.

What if shoes could talk? What if they could shout out loud about their engineering and the essence of wearing them? What if we could get ‘behind the scene’ story by just looking at them? Paaduks will surprise you here.

The fun of wearing Paaduks

Meet Paaduks, the latest entrant in my life. The brand makes stylish vegan footwear for men and women. Whether you’re walking at the mall, or at the beach or through office corridors, the affordable range of Paaduks footwear will add vigour to your feet. I am delighted to receive 3 black beauties from the brand and it is a sheer delight walking in them. Summers, sandals, and stunning Paaduks make a good mocktail.

Sustainability at the core

Paaduks is a brainchild of Mr. Amit Jain and Ms. Aparajit Sangotra. The brand emerged in 2013 as a trailblazer in sustainable fashion with an essence lying in transforming discarded tires into India’s first biodegradable soles. The brand marries style with environmental consciousness and aspires to be a sustainable community. The goal of the brand is to offer products that become an intrinsic part of people’s wardrobes, adding a commitment to a greener and more stylish lifestyle.

Paaduks is available online on their site as well as over 20 E-commerce platforms, including Myntra, Amazon, Ajio, and Nykaa.

The brand stands as a symbol of innovation, design finesse and product perfection. The company’s strength lies in sustainability quotient, design innovation, material innovation, minimalism, and fair trade practices. The brand works to instill a sense of value, happiness and contribution to the environment among its customers. Every Paaduk purchase is a conscious and meaningful choice.

I love all my pairs of Paaduks sandals. It’s like wearing a stylish piece that’s responsible too. From work to coffee plans to movies, these sandals are easy-breezy to be out and about. I suggest you head to their site and buy a pair for yourself and feel the comfort, style and consciousness- all at the same time. Have a good day! T

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