Our finest friend –Apple announces Black Friday 2011 Sale across the world on 25th Nov !

On the day of Black Friday,stores will open early in the morning to offer amazing deals and the lucky ones will grab the pie the most. This year, November 25th will be the day when most retailers would rejoice stock outs and maximum sales.Apple is not behind and has added a teaser banner to their online store about the Black Friday amazing discount for the special one day event.There will be amazing offers on ipad,ipod and Mac gifts.

Thought tight-lipped with details,looking at the last year deals offer a good idea on the kind of deals Apple may offer this year.Though, Apple discounts are relatively small as compared to other electronic stores,but an Apple is an Apple at the end of the day ! The deals usually last an entire day and you need not wake up early in the morning and stand in long ques. Expected deals : ipod touch may offer $21-$41 off depending on the model ;iMAc around $101 discount on all models ,MacBook Air and Macbook pro:$101 off on all models ,ipad :$41 off on all models,ipod Nano :$11 off on 8 GB,$21 off on 16 GB.These are indicative discounts, please check the final discounts offered by Apple .Atleast, these can help decide which products to choose and buy.Apple is also expected to offer a similar range of discounts to their line of iDevices.When our friend Apple goes on a discount,I somehow get a teasing smile on my face !

Black Friday brings huge discounts and huge shopping possibilities. In these times of slowdowns, it’s a huge respite to buy your favorite product at affordable prices. I would also recommend checking online deals offered during Black Friday, which may save you up from an early morning extravaganza. Many of you can buy the favorites for best deals sitting at home.

Buckle up and be ready for the D Day –which is not even 24 hours away !

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