Orient AeroStorm Fan for a happy, quiet and peaceful summer

Orient AeroStorm
Orient – a brand known for its quality and performance.

With the increasing noise levels outdoors, we all have an enhanced craving for peace and silence in our rooms. But sometimes small things like a whizzing fan can make a huge irritation. What if our rooms were silent peace zones that qualified as meditation zones? Experience the Power of Silence with the new Orient Aero Series and be ready to marvel at the Orient AeroStorm Fan .

The Storm is Here with Orient AeroStorm!

Orient Electricals is a brand that is renowned for its fans, home appliances, lighting, and switchgear. With the latest launch in the Aero Fan Series, you’re in for a surprise. Presenting the all new AeroStorm – Very Silent, Very Powerful.

Orient Electric
Perfect Amalgamation of beauty with brain.

It is inspired by the path breaking winglet technology used in modern aircrafts. The revolutionary winglet design minimizes vortex, thus delivering higher air thrust and minimal sound.

Orient AeroStorm
Orient – a brand known for its quality and performance.

The other two fans in the series are –

  1. AeroLite
  2. AeroQuiet BLDC
Orient Fans
Aero Series is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

With summers slowly creeping in, this is the best time to get new fans. And what better than a powerful and silent fan?? Orient Aero Range is perfect for city homes – powerful, compact, and easy to clean.

Orient AeroStorm Fan

  • Sweep – 1320mm
  • Air Delivery – 300 CMM
  • RPM – 300

I was at the launch event to see the fan unveil. The best part was the experience zone. As compared to a normal fan – noisy, harsh air delivery, and tedious to clean; the new Orient AeroStorm is silent and powerful at the same time.

Orient fan launch event Delhi
With Orient AeroSmart give your home a smart makeover.

Salient Features

  • Revolutionary Winglet Technology
  • Strong and sturdy 18 pole motor for longer life
  • Aerodynamic blade design for higher thrust and air delivery
  • Superior PU Finish
  • 100% rust free blades made of high grade ABS for durability
  • Eye catching spiral curves in canopy
Orient Fans
Superior PU finish makes it so easy to clean these fans.

If you’re someone who like I hates to clean fans, then the Aero Series is your best bet. With the superior PU finish it doesn’t let dust and dirt settle, and it is super easy to wipe it off. So now mom will also be happy with clean and effective fans.

Orient Fans
Who could’ve thought fans with principles of aerodynamics??

How it works?

The pressure at the wings creates a vortex and drag. The winglets help minimize this vortex in the wings, thus reducing the friction and resulting in smoother functioning and lesser sound.

Orient AeroStorm Fan
Bring home this revolutionary fan and experience the power of silence.

It is time you give your home a silent treatment with these amazingly powerful fans. Now no more rushing out of the room to talk on phone, and no more whizzing fan noise during video calls!

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Happy, quiet and peaceful summers to you!

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