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Hello fellas
It’s a lazy day and I’m home arrested. The heat’s just driving me crazy. So till the time evening shows its soothing texture, here I’m picking some awesome accessories at awesome prices. The hot favourite at the moment is Snapdeal with it’s super awesome deals and prices. So here we go with my cutie quick picks from the site:

Online Jewellery Shopping :

  • Pari Austrian Diamond Designer Necklace (Picture above): MRP 899/-, selling price: 299/-. Like really? For the design and look of the necklace, it’s a steal at the price. Pair it over a kurta or over your jumper, it will make any outfit dazzle. And the curiosity of pearls with the hint of gold adds another dimension to the necklace.
  • Pari Set of 8 Exclusive Bangles: MRP: 899/-, Selling price: 314/-. It reminds of Deepika Padukone’s look in most of her movies. She would have multiple bangles in one hand and a bare wrist for another. The bangles give an edge to the entire look and specially accentuate a western outfit.Fashion blog
  • Pari Egyptian Style Stylish Bracelet: MRP 899/-. Selling price: 225/-. This handcuff can surely boost your mood along your outfit. This one accessory can do justice to the entire look. Walk in style in it.Fashion blog
  • Via Mazzini Mohawk Gold Leaf Ear Cuff Earring: MRP 778/-, Selling Price: 399/-. This cuff earring will surely be a statement piece. Just this and you are ready to roll. Ear cuffs are a hot favourite this season. The bolder the better.Fashion blog
  • Pari Multi-coloured String Necklace: MRP: 899/-, Sale Price 391/-. The multi coloured strings will surely take one’s heart away. Pair it over a white kurta and take the summer fun higher.Fashion blog

All these pieces have been picked from Snapdeal deals running at the moment. With so much to save and a user friendly shopping experience, my heart is full on with the site. If you are looking to shop for stunning and different designs and pieces, you know where to go now, Right? You can pick these pieces here.



  1. All are simply awesome. I love to buy various designed accessories. And these are too good. loved the first one. :*
    All the best to you

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