Old clothes , New look !

I re-looked at my wardrobe and took out the clothes tucked deep inside at various corners. Most of the clothes were almost new and I had worn them only once. It was time for them to see the world a second time.And then I started mixing and matching to create multiple new looks. Here is the experiment list :

– Matched the black and brown sleeveless kurta with black half leggings .This gave a complete chic look to my Indian wear. Teamed it with golden sandals and gold earrings.

– Grey trousers with blue and grey top.I always wore my top with jeans .But then I tried it with trousers and it gave a pep effect.

– Well cut pink kurta with fitted blue jeans .Adorned it with pink and blue dupatta with silver borders and wrapped it like a muffler around my neck.

-A shimmery golden & black dupatta from one of my party wear suits and wore it with single colour beige kurta and churidar. The single color suit minimized the effect of the shimmery dupatta and the entire look zinged up.

– Wrapped one of my scarves around my trousers instead of a belt and wore it with a white shirt. Wooh, it became a whole new look.

– Short kurta with a flaired long skirt- very India,very stylish.

The idea was to create something new from the existing wardrobe. Sometimes, all we need is a fresh mind to ideate and re-discover our closet. When we buy something, we buy it because we like it. And sometimes we spend a bomb for it. They why to waste the clothes and the money spent on them. Instead use them in such a manner that it feels new to wear them again.

And trust me, the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get will be worth every effort of re-creating the whole new look.

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