NRI Grooms -Once a fad ,gone too bad …

Today’s article in Delhi Times really got me a good laugh – “NRI groom? Nah” … O My God ! Once a fad ,gone too bad …

The early morning reminded me of my single status and the fact that yes, I no longer wanted a pardesi babu and was very happy with the Indian quintessential. Our boys are doing it very well here and they can afford us all the luxuries in our own neighborhood.

The global downturn and so called economic, social , moral recessions have hampered the ornamental value of the NRI groom. Once revered as apple pies of every single-ready-to-mingle Indian girl, today they do not have enough takers. To take it further, even the NRI girls are looking for Indian grooms and coming back to Apna Desh.

We have everything here – from supermarkets to luxury brands. India Inc is shining and how! The newspaper is flooded with full page advertisements of brand launches, boutique launches and Hollywood arriving .From Paris Hilton to J Lo –they all suddenly love India and the infinite population. Why not? It’s their biggest market in times to come!

I remember the song from DDLJ –“ghar aaja pardesi teri yaad sataye re” or “chitti aayi hai” by Pankaj Udhas.The reasons for eyeing home were emotional and personal and anybody who came back after spending 5-10 years abroad was considered doomed. I have an aunt who practically became a joke after her family shifted base from US to Delhi some ten years ago. Today, whoever does it, is considered practical and with times. It’s measured as the coolest and the most sensible thing to do.

Well, with F1 happening last month, India is gleaming on the globe, standing tall and declaring to the world with a bang. Watching F1 live surely ticked off a lot of Indians with their ‘To Do List’.

And as for the NRI grooms – “We are not going to encourage you to cross an ocean.We’re selfless girls who like you in New Delhi !” .

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