Nokia G21 review: Sleek, 50 MP camera, 3 day battery life

Nokia G21 review
A happy Nokia G21 user 🙂

There are three things I swear by in a phone:

  • Battery life
  • Camera quality
  • Sleekness

Nokia G21 is a check on all three. Nokia G21 review underneath has all the details.

Nokia G21 review
Seamless connectivity. Endless happy calls.

Hey you amazing people, if you’re looking for a phone under INR 15k, Nokia G21 is what you should immediately check. Here is all that you need to know for an everyday enhanced phone experience. My Nokia G21 review has it all covered.

Before I talk about the phone further, I’m the 80s generation that grew up with Nokia. If you’re from the same time, you would know when I talk about the fondness for the brand. Nokia was my first QWERTY keyboard. Nokia was my first touch screen.

Nokia G21 review

Sleek design

Nokia G21 is well built, sturdy and provides a grip when held in hand. The display offers good brightness and gives a good viewing experience. On the back there is a vertical camera module and an LED flash to go along. It has a thickness of 8.5 mm, weighs 190 gms, thinner and lighter than a lot of phones around.

Nokia G21 review
Bright & chirpy display
Nokia G21 review
Aah the Nokia logo…

50 MP Triple AI camera

Capture all the memories with 50MP camera. No more FOMO, in fact what’s that? With 50MP camera, capture everything you want with all the colours in their true sense. There are 3 cameras at the back that help capture bright and colourful pictures with natural tones. The phone captures good looking images that are Instagram friendly.

Rear Camera: 50MP (f/1.8) + 2MP macro + 2MP depth | Get amazing photos for travel, eating out, get-togethers and all that matters to you during the day.

Rear Camera Video: 1080p (30FPS) | Capture videos that reflect the moment as it is.

Front Camera: 8MP (f/2.0) | Great for selfies.

Speakers: Mono speaker

Nokia G21 review
The three cameras in a vertical module for sharp pictures.
Nokia G21 review
Sturdy built for a tight grip…

3- Day battery life

The Nokia G21 is equipped with : Battery and charging: 5,050mAh, 18W fast charging (10W charger in the box). The battery life is good for most of the day with heavy usage. With casual browsing, some video watching, it goes to two-three days easily.

My device- Nokia G21 Price: Rs 14,999- 6GB/128GB: for 128 GB storage, 6 GB RAM.

My Nokia G21 Colour: Nordic Blue. The device comes in the colour Dusk too.

Designed for the long run, the stunning Nokia G21 comes with 2X more security updates, up to 2 years of Android OS upgrades than phones in competition. The phone’s #GotYourBack .

The phone’s designed for people like you and me who love to create and push boundaries. It’s a good android phone in a budget. Coming from the house of Nokia, it has that charm that people who got Nokia as one of their initial phones in the decade post Y2K would understand. Nokia still rings a bell of familiarity, of growing up, of having the first camera phone, of having the first stylus phone, of moving on to a QWERTY keyboard. Having a Nokia phone is always a pleasure.

Nokia G21 is a good to go phone in the segment. It’s a good phone in INR 15k budget. Go for it!

I’m loving my device. It helps me capture stunning photos for my blog and IG feed. It has a sturdy built and I don’t worry if it falls too. In short, I’m carefree with it. The battery life is longer and I don’t have to worry about carrying my charger through the day. Nokia G21 gives me more freedom. In a 15k budget, it’s a value for money.

It’s a wrap from my side. Hope you liked the review. See you soon with another post.

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