WINE & ACCOMPANIMENT– the best New Year gifts for men

WINE best New Year gifts for men

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December month is best known for year end holidays, party time, Christmas & New Year- the two annual extravagant meeting, greeting & gifting time. Wine is the perfect gift for anyone above voting age, unlike other gifts it does not have to match the décor; it is a fashion statement with gratification & celebration and one of the best New Year gifts for men.

Fashion is a universal acknowledgement of the happening world around us; fashion is not only reserved in beauty, home, accessories for even the food we eat and the drinks that accompany it are all a fashion statement.

Fashion is the only field which has no boundaries. It starts from personal grooming, hair care to foot care. Dressing starts from toddlers to infants to teens to grownups, encompassing from school uniforms to casual, formal party wear etc. The cars we commute, the hotels we stay at, the hospitals we visit, the multiplex we enjoy have inputs not only from architects but also from Fashion designers.

The wine industry which was more of skill has also spread its wings to fashion. The accompaniments to be served with wine are not just salt & pepper mixed with healthy snacks but again a scientific combination of taste, appetite & fashion.

A good wine is served with cheese which has a common thread, such as high acidity & creamy texture. The cheese to be served is either fresh & tangy goat cheese or earthy brie cheese made from unpasteurized milk.

As they say opposite poles attract each other, so is in love & in cheese and wine pairing . A creamy brie cheese is best paired with a high acid wine or the strong sweet salty combination of dessert wine is fashioned with salty cheese like Gorgonzola to sparkle the occasion.

The best pairing of wine is with cheese from the same geographic region & the best fashion appearance & feel is at room temperature. So does cheese taste best at room temperature whereas wine if red is best at room temperature & white wine is best consumed when chilled.

Wine is the happening drink of today’s happening generation who move with fashion trends. Wines have consistent balance of fruit & secondary aromas like Mediterranean camouflaging with bright summer berries, the love for this can be shouted from the rooftops like fashion on catwalk. Fashion & wine taste blend deeper & deeper & gets persistent with earthy notes & tannins.

Like fashion, wines too are specific to taste buds, season & geography & the most happening New year gift ideas accompanied with cheese.


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