Neon trend for a bright Spring Summer 2013

Neon trend is the most visible when you walk around. From cellphone covers to book covers- it’s all around. The Spring Summer 2013 is all about neons in all shades and hues. The trick is to pick and pair it correctly else you could just look walking out from a paintball game. This fluorescent trend is super catchy and super fun. Here is a guide to pair it right…

1. Match your outfits with neon accessories. Totally recommended! Whether you are wearing a shirt & trouser or a kurta or a suit with dupatta- match it with neon accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces. How about a neon scarf? I recently found a smashing neon scarf at Scarves and You and it totally stole my heart. At a price of 599/- it was totally worth buying.  Check out their FB page for stylish scarves. Just throw them over any outfit and add brightness and charm to it.neon necklace

2. Neon tshirts. I have this green neon tshirt that I bought for INR 300 from Pantaloons and the immense happiness it gives me everytime I wear it- priceless. It uplifts my mood on a bad day, brightens my look and I don’t have to think much on pairing. A simple skirt or a pair of jeans and I m good to go…

3. Neon dresses. Aah, these are the most sought after this season. From luxury designers to GK markets, these are the hot favourites. Pick one if you haven’t till now.

4. Neon footwear.  Walk around, dance around in your neon footwear. Add that sparkling red or orange or that favourite yellow and sing along. Your non-manicured feet will come alive too- that’s the magic of neon.Neon sandals

5. Neon cellphone covers. Wherever you go, you carry your world around. You are always brighten up with attractive cell phone covers in neon shades. If nothing is going right, you can atleast smile by looking at your cellphone cover. It’s therapeutic,  trust me 🙂neon cellphone cover

The brands, the not so brands and your neighbourhood shop- you’ll find neons stocked up everywhere. Pick them up and sport this trend in true spirit of Spring Summer.

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Tanya xx


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  1. Hi! I have read ur blogs and u r very good!!!!!! thanx for all the tips and trink
    i really work on them
    i love the neon trend
    i have a neon coloured watch n i totally love it
    thanx a lot
    plus could u write more about teenagers

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