My Ode to Six Yards of Pure Grace!

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One of the most exquisite element of Indian Fashion is in the magic of six yards…The Saree! Not only do the Indian women adore saree but also wear it as a sign of their femininity. People all over the world recognise the beauty associated with a saree. 

Its beauty has grabbed eternal attention worldwide. Be it a teenager or a young adult or a beautiful woman, saree wins all hearts. Sarees have a beautiful history and culture behind them. In terms of elegance, they are matchless in comparison.

Vinita Dhingra, shining brightly in a Parsi Gara Embroidered saree.

I personally feel that saree was forgotten due to the western hegemony over modern clothing. There was this phase when people were just into western clothes and exploring the western ideas but now the craze of the saree is back. Half of us probably wore our first saree on the school farewell day. I think no girl can ever forget the moment when she adorns her first saree. Wearing your mother’s saree as your first saree is the best feeling in the world. Even if your first saree has gone old, I am pretty sure it is still in your wardrobe occupying a special place in your heart.


Saree is suited for countless occasions. Indian women wear it at home on a day to day basis amidst their household chores. Be it a kitty party or a ladies meet, saree is the perfect choice. Generally people prefer western clothes for job interviews and meetings. But have you ever thought, that if you wear a saree, what a marvellous impression it would create? Saree is the pride of Indian fashion and we should flaunt it as much as we can. So just a suggestion, for your next interview or business meeting, wear a saree and go. Trust me…. the feeling would be much different and the compliments added would be uncountable. 

Have a look at Tanya’s elegance in six yards.

You must visit Tanya’s Facebook page and Instagram account for fashion inspiration. You’ll fall in love with her.

We in India are blessed with a rich culture of adorning handloom sarees. So let’s have a look at the importance and value of handloom weave.

You will also love to read about Vaishali S, a famous fashion designer who works with rich handlooms of India. Read her interview here. Tanya goes in conversation with Vaishali S who walked Khunn at the New York Fashion Week.


We can trace the history of saree back to around 2800BCE in Indus Valley Civilisation. Since then saree has evolved from generations to generations with different draping styles, materials and designs.

In every household, you find beautiful handwoven sarees hanging in the almirahs. Moreover, the handloom sarees are important for the rural economic development of India.

That’s me, Nikita Dhingra. I work at Let’s Expresso. I am walking the ramp in a handloom weave.

The love and affection with which the handloom sarees are woven is beyond words. Every thread and needle is used with a hope that this saree will be cherished for years together and will keep the Indian tradition proud of its magnificent charm. 

The weavers are not labourers. They are artists. Hand woven sarees have sentiments attached to them and a lot of hard work and skill goes in making them. 

Vinita Dhingra in a Banarasi Weave. Nothing matches the charm of Banarasi weaves.

Handloom is an Indian way of life. Handlooms have heritage, culture and traditions stitched in them that pass from generation to generation.

Handlooms are being promoted through social media. More awareness is being generated through social media so that the future generations preserve this traditional heritage. Fashion Weeks have handlooms as a priority. State Governments are also promoting handlooms to advocate the rich heritage of our stunning country.


upcycling saris to kurta
Tanya in her quintessential style.

Saree is not just a piece of clothing but an emotion and much more. We should all preserve our sarees to pass it to the future generation. India has a huge scope in fashion and is already doing so well. However, there is a tiny fear of sarees lose their value in future. If you see the sentiments attached to a saree, take it as a word that no matter what hegemony dominates us, SAREE WILL NEVER GO OUT OF TREND!!

It is our duty to take the magic of six yards ahead. I will spread the love and affection for sarees to the maximum extent. Are you with me? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Take care!

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