My dreamy gold dot cotton jacket from Nylangan

Nylangan review
A balmy evening highlighted by gold dots and minimalism.

Dreamy, delicate and daring at the same time- this polka gold dot jacket is so me! ❤️

Seldom you come across a piece that’s so versatile that it fits like hand in glove with whatever you wear. This piece by Nylangan is calmness personified. It’s perfect to add to your look when you feel incomplete. ❤️

Nylangan review
A coffee plan with fairy dust and a timeless jacket.
Nylangan review
Sophisticated yet chic!

Why I love it? Made with 100% cotton. Simplicity. Functionality. Minimalism.

I’ll give you my 5 reasons for selecting it.

1. Cotton : Just not cotton but 100% cotton. With age you realise the importance of the cotton fabric. Gone are the days when I would be ok wearing synthetic clothes. Not that I don’t wear them but that’s mostly out of my existing lot. My new additions are comfortable fabrics that let me breathe. This is that piece.

2. The length: It’s apt. It’s what I love. I can wear it over a skirt, a kurta, a dress, a pair of jeans and look totally chic. This was the compliment my friend gave me when I wore this for the late afternoon coffee plan.

3. You can’t miss it: You can’t miss adoring this jacket. It’s like a highlight that instantly catches attention and makes you stand out.

4. The colour and the gold dots: Isn’t it summery, calming and oh so soothing to the eyes? You won’t get bored of it ever.

5. Minimalism: Big fan of the concept. My clothes have to be appealing yet simple if I may call them. I have a knack of picking clothes that have a story of their own. I can choose a plain white fabric and make it look couture. This is that couture piece that’s available in Nylangan’s pret line. Good for me!

The jacket is priced at Rs 1999/- and you can easily buy it online here.

Nylangan gold dot jacket review
Minimalism. Classy. Sexy.
Nylangan review
This is my kind of sexy back!
Nylangan review
Nylangan- so effortless!

This jacket is a timeless essential with a touch of modern inspiration. It’s that piece that moves years with you and yet remains classy. If you’re creating a minimalist wardrobe, I strongly recommend this piece. It’s multipurpose, ethereal and a long time friend.

If this jacket isn’t therapy then what is!

P.S: I’ll be reviewing two more outfits from the brand and they are as beautiful as this one is. Keep an eye!

Thanks Nylangan for crossing over and creating such pieces that break the fast fashion circuit. And thank you for sending this piece and making me a part of the family.

Hope you liked the review! Do let me know your views on the jacket in the comments below.

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