My 5 stunning earrings from Amrutam

Perfect for a dinner.

You give a girl a nice pair of earrings and she is happy for a long time. This time I got 5. So here is all about my 5 times happiness. Talking of happiness, life is strange. Sometimes an old song can bring immense happiness, sometimes you find it inside a cup of tea. Other times, the glitter on the gold is inadequate to glitter your face. But this time, Amrutam did the trick. All the pieces are good to go!

Amrutam is a vertical marketplace that holds jewellery by leading jewelry designers from around India, and they offer something unique for every occasion. They have earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles and hair jewellery. You have choices from casual, party, occasional to office wear jewellery.

All my earrings are sizzling and versatile. I can wear them for functions and also with office wear. I don’t mind wearing them for coffee plans too. I don’t have fixed lines between my jewellery pieces. It’s my mood and that determines what I wear. A nice gold piece with dangling pearls is good for a dinner, work day and a party alike. It depends on how I style and carry them. Accessories should be versatile otherwise what’s the point!

My earrings are from their festive collection, Amrutam White Label.

Perfect for a dinner.

Hope you liked my lovely pieces. These are with semi-precious stones like quartz, aventurine, labradorite, moonstone, garnets and gold plating. Life’s a spring sometimes and sometimes it’s a gloomy wintery day. A little bit of colour, a little bit of fun, some happy pieces are all it takes to bring a smile. Jewellery helps, always!

Thanks Amrutam Jewelry for sending this happiness. I’m bringing sexy back, one earring at a time. This is what I needed at the moment.


I’ll be back with another post soon. Do let me know how you liked my earrings in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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