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Nylangan review
Colour therapy!

Time and again I talk about comfort clothing. When your clothes are comfortable, you’re less irritated, more flexible and have a better capacity to deal with whatever the day throws at you. Clothes have a therapeutic effect too. Try it out yourself and see the difference in your attitude when your clothes are comfortable vs uncomfortable.🕊

Nylangan makes some of the coolest silhouettes that let you breathe, roam around freely and look your chic best. I love my 3 pieces from the brand. They represent me, period. They represent my ethos, my values and my love for eco-friendly fashion. I wear my confidence on my sleeve with this kind of clothing because it gives me comfort, calmness and be chic at the same time.

Nylangan: Made with 100% cotton. Simplicity. Functionality. Minimalism.

Let me tell you about my 3 outfits from the brand. I’m literally gushing while writing about them.

I’ll first talk about my ecru kurta set.

If you’re a kurta lover, this is the set for you. Ecru is pretty, ecru is pious, ecru is dreamy. This kurta set is ethereal beauty and a timeless essential. The fabric is 100% cotton, comfortable and looks mesmerising. I wear it for my errands and coffee plans. It’s my that outfit that’s versatile and attracts compliments.

Nylangan review
Ecru love!
Nylangan review
Functionality X Comfort!
Nylangan review
Do I say more?
Nylangan review
A piece that brings a wide smile!
Nylangan review
Bringing sexy back!

The pants are multifunctional. This colour is neutral and goes with kurtas of any colour. I can wear them under an indigo kurta or a scarlet red.

Not to miss are the gold dots in the middle panel of the kurta. The 3/4th sleeves save me from the tan and I can wear it without caring about my unwaxed hands. This is a pick me up kurta that you can wear any day, any time. There is no need of a dupatta with it. Just wear and conquer the day. The boat neck elevates the design. I’d say give your wardrobe a contemporary twist with this ecru kurta from Nylangan.

Price: Kurta: Rs 2799/- Bottom: Rs 1699/-

Let me talk about my cotton jacket now.

Nylangan review
A dreamy evening with fairy dust and a gold dot jacket.
Nylangan review
Crispness highlighted by gold dots and minimalism.
Nylangan review
Earthy tones that talk.

Dreamy, delicate and daring at the same time- this polka gold dot jacket is so me! ❤️

Seldom you come across a piece that’s so versatile that it fits like hand in glove with whatever you wear. This piece by Nylangan is calmness personified. Perfect to add to your look when you feel incomplete. ❤️

Remold the definition of cosmopolitan charm by wearing this jacket from Nylangan. This is an extension of my kurta set. Ecru, white, cream; this colour family attracts me the most. Exuding 3/4th sleeves, it is sure to fetch you compliments from all. It saves you from AC cold as well. Like I said, it’s chic and functional at the same time.

Price: Rs 1999/-

Find more about this jacket here: My dreamy gold dot cotton jacket from Nylangan

Finally, I’ll talk about my teal Co-ord set.

Colours have real effects on us and it’s time we start taking advantage of it. Colours and light can influence mood and health. 🎨

It’s a good idea to wear colours and fabrics that lift your mood and spirits like this co-ord set by Nylangan. It’s minimalism X conscious living X mood enhancement. 🌈

So move out in the the light, wear fabrics and colours that are soothing & comfortable and say ‘Yes’ to brands that care for the environment.
Buy clothes that’ll pass the #30wears test like this one.
This is gonna be my summer staple.

Nylangan review
Colours that can heal you…
Nylangan review
Check the yellow sleeve accentuation.
Nylangan review
Very chic set.
Nylangan review
Comfortable in 100% cotton.
Nylangan review
Talking details.

The teal green top inculcates a combination of style and panache. Completed with a pocket, it will house your knick-knacks with ease.

The straight fit pants let you tread in standout style. Tailored to sartorial perfection from premium quality fabric, the pants assure a soft and soothing touch against the skin. Easily join the league of fashion elites with this summer staple.

Price: Top Rs 1899/- Bottom: Rs 1699/-

The final word…

  • All my outfits pass the #30wears test.
  • The colour palettes are warm and earthy.
  • There is an obsessive attention to detail.
  • The outfits represent my style: Minimalist, simple and functional.

Thank you Nylangan for introducing the brand to me. I’m loving all the outfits. Friends, do check out Nylangan here. You’ll find timeless pieces with a touch of modern inspiration.

Do let me know what you think about the outfits in the comments below.

If this isn’t therapy then what is!

P.S: I only choose clothes that have functionality and repeatability. I value my money, suggest you do it too!

Disclaimer: The post is in collaboration with Nylangan. The outfits are selected by me. I only select clothes that are versatile, comforting and repeatable. The opinions are totally mine.

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