MOODS OF alphabet “C”

English language has 26 alphabets & the most Cunning letter is the third alphabet. (Number 3  – also —the mirror image of two “C” )  “C”- it also sometimes sounds like “K” (like in Chemistry ,Cola, Candy  etc) but Can also sound like the hiss of a snake CCCcccc sneaking towards its sleeping prey.

“C” is the inherently difficult alphabet as it pushes “E”& “I “so that no one knows which Comes first, making English spelling difficult, the noise of pronouncing “C” is also like silent skirmish sin Shhhhh.

The shape of the alphabet “C” is like something incomplete, hungry & dominating, but also open to welcome.

MOODS OF alphabet “C”

When an individual goes to the doctor he says stop Consuming everything which starts with “C”. C for Chocolates, Cashew, Chicken, Cold drinks, Coffee, Cigarettes. When he goes to the industry they say the most stressful areas to work are Construction, Computers, Cosmetics, Cement, Car, Confectionery, Cold drinks, Corn, Clothing, Cinema, Cooperative societies, Communication, Credit Card, Call Centre, Cell phone ; when he goes  to government office names like Chairman, Clerks, Corruption, Challans, Cycle stand, Car stand are the most talked terms. When an individual needs support/source for Commuting, he is told Carrier (plane/train/bus/ship), Cost, Comfort, Conductor not in place, when an individual talks political or religious it is Considered giving sermons on Criticism, Casteism.

In 1206 AD the Turks Came & ruled over India because we were not Combined, Committed. Then the Moguls ruled us because we were not Courageous & then the English Colonial ruled us as we were too Courteous, Clueless, Classless, Cheap, Careless & after independence the Cynical, Contrary, Criminal, Commanding, Cunning, Clever, Chivalrous, Congress Confused the nation & is ruling till date as we are too Curious, Continuous Cool &  Childish, Casual Clowns Concerned only for self .

The most Chocked, Cluttered, Censored, Classical, Corrosive, Compelling, Complacent, Compulsive, Condemned but Charismatic, Charming, Curious word “Clothing” is an industry of trillions of dollars, full fashion is dependent on Clothing followed by accessories. Clothing is the base to Churn out designs for Celebrities, Classes & Common man & gives the fashion designer a Canvass to spell out thoughts by Crafting new designs with new Colors, new Chic styles, new Congenial, Combative Colossal, Classic Ceremonial, Conceptual, Commendable, Captivating, Cathodoluminescent  style.

Only IF the alphabet “C” is removed from the dictionary I think there will be sea Change in perception, attitude of the people as most of the words starting with “C” are Clinically unhealthy, Categorically unwanted & Chronic for Common man, but “C” is so much ingrained in the system, that with “C” we see sea of events Changing our life for good, bad. Let’s be Cautious, Certainty with Conformity to Cherish with the best side of “C”.

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