Mobile is the new brick & mortar. 5 reasons to Shop via your mobile.

mobile app shopping
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When was the last time you had hit a mall to buy something? For me, 6 months ago! My mobile is my new Go-to Solution for every shopping need, for every daily requirement, for every daily recommendation. From ordering a dress to a pizza, from a High end Luxury bag to a grocery item, everything is at my finger tips. Mobile commerce has made life easy and handy and mobile apps have become a life saviour. In this hectic world where there is seldom time for one’s self, if shopping can be done at the time and comfort of your home and office, life can be much more meaningful.

mobile app shopping
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Future of fashion is bright in this app-only world and it means a great deal for the consumers. Here are 5 reasons to shop via mobile apps. I’m sure by the end of the post, you would have made up your mind on which app to download next.

  1. Ease : I shout it loud! The ease to shop anytime and anywhere takes mobile app shopping experience to a parameter beyond comparison. While waiting for you client or your food at a restaurant, just click and shop all that your require and utilise every bit of available time so that when you come home, you only relax and spend time with your loved ones.
  2. App behaviour. The mobile apps understand your behaviour and recommend products as per your choices. I love it when I buy my dresses via mobile apps. The apps throw away options as per my color and style preference. I choose in no time and my dress arrives in no time. Happe ME! Only yesterday, I shopped a printed top from the Myntra app and the selection to the payment procedure took 2 minutes flat. And my order is already on the way. Can life get further easier? I know people who order their pizza always online. They don’t have to search through the menu. The app shows their favourite pizza basis their past buying pattern and viola, pizza arrives in lesser than 30 minutes 🙂
  3. Laptop is passe. Well, the shift is here. Be no longer dependant on your laptop or a wi-fi for online buying. With high speed 4G, mobile shopping becomes a cakewalk. And the smart phones are the new best friends.
  4. Get Spoilt for choices. Well, that’s one thing that accentuates the fun all the more. You ask for one, you get 100 in return. Pick as close to your need and there is no longer a need for a compromise. If you want a black shift dress that has a red hem at the bottom, you shall get it.
  5. Customer Experience. The location based services are an icing on the cake. The apps adjust as per user behaviour and the location and show results accordingly. If you want something within 5km radius, your wish is thy command.

You can be anywhere, the power to shop will always be in your hands. All the e-commerce giants are heavily using their mobile apps for a personalised enriching user experience. Booking a cab or booking a ticket or booking a salon appointment, everything is in the hands now, literally!

Mobile customer engagement is the new retail therapy. How many of you regularly buy via apps? Which is your favourite mobile app? Let’s converse in the comments below.

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