Meet Tuhina Goyal, The Founder of House of Tuhina

House of Tuhina
Timeless Neckpieces by House of Tuhina

On a cozy winter afternoon, I entered the studio of House of Tuhina and had a heart to heart conversation with Tuhina Goyal, founder of the brand over a glass of green tea. She opened herself to me and spoke about the brand, the popularity and the way she was empowering women. Her zeal and passion for her brand truly reflected in her body language and her pieces.


House of Tuhina founder
Meet Tuhina Goyal


Spread across 3 floors and a basement, the studio of House of Tuhina is a buzz in Noida. One has to walk across her display area to reach her cabin and this walk is good enough to bowl you over her colorful jewellery pieces on display. You won’t mind picking a bunch with open palms and running back. But then the sanity prevails and you walk past those lovely baubles into her room. A graduate from NID, Ahemdabad, Tuhina is a defiant designer. For once, she doesn’t call herself a designer and you can’t label her in a category. Her designs are Timeless and have a story of their own. A client from Japan will see a reflection of his culture in her designs and so will someone from a far corner of our country. The designs have a super natural power to attract of their own.

House of Tuhina creates Timeless pieces beyond cultures and geographical locations.

House of Tuhina review
Timeless Designs by House of Tuhina
House of Tuhina Mall of India
Stunning Jewellery Pieces
House of Tuhina
Enchanting Neckpieces


When you move across her studio to her basement, you’ll be amazed to see a group of women working from morning till evening and earning their livelihood. These women are from the lower strata of the society and come there to work, make a living and make friends in each other. Many women who cannot work out of home, take the supplies and come back with the finished product and end up living a quality life. Tuhina gives them a way of livelihood.


House of Tuhina review
Empowering women by teaching them the art of weaving beautiful jewellery.


Her line of functions are Jewellery and clothes. The Bagru Banjara Collection, her recent offering is inspired by the Banjaras of Rajasthan. Enthralled by the lifestyle of these men and women, her collection is full of tradition and artistry. Handmade pieces with a feel of the old world charm are made by women for women. She sold 200 pieces in 3 days through Jaypore, an online platform for hand-picked pieces. Feel beautiful in any of her pieces as long as you’re wearing a piece from her collection.

House of Tuhina Gypsy Collection
Love the Kurta
House of Tuhina Bagry Banjara Collection
The Bagru Banjara Collection
House of Tuhina kurtas
Kurta. Oh What a Feeling!
House of Tuhina Bagru Banjara Collection
The Balloon Shirt
House of Tuhina review
Inspired by the Banjaras of Rajasthan


House of Tuhina is a handmade clothing and jewellery brand. Become a Gypsy with the Bagru Banjara Collection.

Tuhina’s main focus is her jewellery line which is sold through selective channels in India and is exported world over. For Delhi & NCR, she is coming up with a kiosk in Mall of India, Noida. Grab your love for jewellery and head on to the world of exquisite & enchanting jewellery pieces.

For online shopping, visit Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, browse through and pick a piece that is your reflection.

Check out My pieces Here- Timeless Designs by House of Tuhina.

What do you think about her designs? Are you as enchanted as I am?



  1. HOT is doing some brilliant work in the field!
    Tuhina Goyal is definitely as much a ‘designer’ as it gets! Appreciate her modesty of stepping away from the rhetoric and not calling herself the same, but the impeccably well thought of designs compel one to use the term for her and call her the perfect find of the decade! Wish her many more successful years ahead. HOT has entered the fashion world with a bang and is definitely here to stay! Confident, yes I am!:)

  2. That’s a nice business and social work balance. Amazing designs. Am impressed and sure it will grow by bounds.

    Very nice blog. Congrats

  3. Budding designer spreading her colours far and wide. She will definitely add spirit and raunaq to industry.

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