Martin Gurvich announced the Launch of Forms of Devotion

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L-R, Geeta Chandran, Jaya Jaitley and Sushma K Bahl

Forms of Devotion: The Spirituality in Indian Art by LE, Fashion Blog

An enigma is created when faith, cultures and ideologies come together to create a spectacle of a time. This is what happened when Mr Martin Gurvich, Director of Museum of Sacred Art – Belgium alongside curator Sushma Bahl and esteemed festival director Sanjoy K Roy gladly announced the launch of Forms of Devotion in the capital.

Fashion Blog
Sushma Bahl and Martin Gurvich
Fashion Blog
L-R, Goutam Ghosh, Sushma Bahl, Martin Gurvich and Sanjoy Roy
Fashion Blog
Mr & Mrs Desmond Lazaro

Forms of Devotion is a spiritual project initiated by esteemed Martin Gurvich, Director of Museum of Sacred Art. The project brings forward a spiritual festival of performing arts, workshops and lectures. The project is around a very special collection and exhibition of Indian art. With its strong focus on the spiritual and the devotional art, the project engages with continuity and change as reflected in various faiths, cultures and ideologies across the country. The collection and the exhibition features recent and original works of Indian art – the traditional, contemporary, folk and popular. The exhibition will feature around 200 artworks by about 100+ artists from different parts of India. The themes from socio-cultural-philosophical perspectives will be explored.

The exhibition, along with the film, the book and spiritual arts festival is scheduled for a grand launch in Jan-Feb 2015 at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art in New Delhi, India. It will then tour internationally for mega showings in different galleries and museums in Americas, Europe and the Far East.

The evening was adorned by art loving Delhities including Suvaprassana, OP Jain, Shobha Broota, Puja Gupta, Kanchand Chandar, Seema Kohli, Prasant Lahotia, Aparna Caur, Geeta and Rajeev Chandran, Jaganthan Guha (filmaker), Jaya Jaitely, to name a few.

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