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TRESemmé’s Global Stylist, Marcus Francis speakes to Let’s Expresso on his recent visit to India. He decodes few hairstyles from the famous Mercedes benz Fashion week and elaborates on famous trends this season. Marcus is creating beautiful hair across the globe and is working extensively from shows at Paris Fashion week to New York and Milan. His work has been featured in magazines such as Interview, Vogue etc.

Here, he specifically talks to Let’s Expresso and brings forward the current runway hair trends.

  • Tell us about your experience with Mercedes Benz Fashion week. 

Ans: It’s a lot of rushing around, there are lot of people around but it’s a very exciting experience because you are creating something that the entire world is looking at; the colours, the trends etc.. It’s a very big moment and there is a lot of creativity there.

  • With changing trends, how often one should indulge in a hair makeover? 

Ans: I think baby steps is the best way to indulge in trends. Usually trends can be somewhat dramatic, like keeping the bangs, chopping in long or short, and if you have never done it before you should do your personal version of it.

  • Hair trends for long and short hair. 

Ans: Trend for long hair is more of a blunt cut with a heavy way of cutting the end, ends are not stronger as it would be razored in the past. With short hair its more of an asymmetrical look whether its shorter on the back and little longer in front, one side being an inch shorter than the other. It’s the 80’s revival.

  • What is the most challenging part of your association with TRESemmé. 

Ans: Adjusting to the time zone is the most challenging part I feel

  • Your personal favourite style from The Benz fashion week. 

Ans: My favourite trend from Mercedez Benz Fashion week is the disheveled bohemian braid. It is very femine and shows that women can create a lot of a hairstyle and it need not be perfect and depends on individual style. There is no wrong way to do a braid as its easy and gives a classic and chic look.

  • Which are the current runway hair trends? 

Ans:  Some of the latest trends are having natural texture and incorporating that into different styles such as up-dos, ponytails, faux bobs etc. variations in ponytails and deep side parts.

  • Tips for maintaining hair while travelling and long work schedules. 

Ans: Allowing good hair health and scalp health is always important. Always carry your conditioner while travelling as one can pick a shampoo to use but not the conditioner. Conditioning hair is most essential and I recommend TRESemme Climate Control conditioner to keep hair healthy and strong while travelling.

  • Dos and Dont’s of hair styling. 

Ans: Donts:

Do not brush out while using a hair tong and you should always brush at the curls to give a wavy texture. Women generally don’t brush out the curls in the hair with the fear of hair falling.


Hair treatments, women only go for hair treatments when you have weak hair or hair problems, but one should follow a good hair treatment regime for good healthy hair.

  • Hair trends specific to Indian skin and temperatures. 

Ans: I think hair trends for Indian skin colourwise is keeping variations of hair tones. Having more warm and rich hair tones towards the ends so that the healthiness of your hair and scalp can be maintained and the colour does not need to be touched up very often. As far as trends go, bangs are in this season and also short hairstyles; more layering on the face as it gives you options to style your hair. Bangs give you a softer look towards your eyes.

  • Easy Tips for beautiful hair 

Ans: Keep hair and scalp healthy. Eat food rich in vitamins. Condition your hair properly from mid-length to the bottom and towel dry as far as possible.

  • Story of a hair from Paris to LA to India. 

Ans: I was working with a salon and then I moved out of the salon and started working with teams in the fashion world. They recruited me to Los Angeles and then in New York and then to Milan and Paris for 3 years. After working in the fashion world in the Los Angeles salon for a long time, I stepped out to setup my own salon and started styling celebrities from Los Angeles to France to New York to Canada. I took my journey as it came along my way exploring various options and going to different cultures.

  • What is Beautiful hair? 

Ans: Beautiful hair is healthy hair.

  • Which celebrity you love styling the most? And which one you haven’t styled, but would love to do?

Ans:  Julianne Moore, Scarlette Johansonn are some of the celebrities whom I have styled in the past and had a wonderful experience. Especially Julianne Moore, she has such wonderful stunning hair and she lets you do your job. You can style her the way want and she is just stunning.

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