Cozy Winters with Maharaja Whiteline Equato Oil Filled Room Heater

Oil filled room heater

What is the best part of coming home in winters? A warm & Cozy Room!

Some of us are God gifted with less immunity to cold. I’m one such prodigy. For me winters start well in advance and go beyond the designated period. Inspite of the layerings, I’m always looking for more. Indoors are my preferred destinations and soaking in sun a delight. But what happens when there is no sun and the mercury drops? My room heater comes as my saviour! Here’s presenting another of my Fabulous Find- The Maharaja Whiteline Equato Oil Filled Room Heater.

Maharaja Whiteline Equato Oil Filled Room Heater

Oil filled room heaterFeatures:

  • Maharaja Equato Oil filled radiator (OFR) is available in 2 variants: 9 fins & 11 fins.
  • This stylish and energy efficient room heater comes in a sleek design and premium black and silver finish.
  • The heater doesn’t take much space and can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • Castor wheels provide easy movement for the heater. Take it wherever you want, from room to room easily.
  • It comes with an Adjustable Thermostat and three heat settings for a better performance.
  • It has an inbuilt fan for better and uniform heat dissipation across the room.
  • It is Silent with no noise. You can have a sound sleep.
  • Elegant and compact. It can be used in any room size.
  • It comes with a Built in Safety Thermal Fuse.

Price for the Maharaja Whiteline Equato Oil Filled Room Heater: Rs. 12999 for 11Fins model and Rs.11999 for 9Fins model.

Color: Premium Black and Silver Finish

Availability: It is available at retail stores, supermarkets and online at, Pepperfry, Snapdeal and

How does an Oil Filled Room Heater work?

  • An oil filled heater does not  burn oil.
  • It uses electricity to heat the oil that is sealed inside the columns or fins. The oil is used as a heat reservoir and not as a fuel.
  • Once heated, the oil is then transferred to the casing. The heat is transferred to the surrounding via convection and radiation.

Oil filled room heaters are the most energy efficient heaters. These are preferred over the blowers as blowers tend to dry the air inside the room. Oil filled room heaters maintain the room temperature without drying the air and causing any discomfort. Blowers tend to dry the skin aswell. Since the oil filled room heaters have a different room heating process, they are far better for the skin.

Maharaja Whiteline Equato Oil filled Room Heater has certainly made my life easier. There is no better feeling than having a warm room welcoming you. After a long day at work, this is what you want. A warm room is a happy room!

If you’re looking for a room heater, have a look at this one. I’m a satisfied user! Winters are warmer, enjoyable and cozy.

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