Love, life and breakups!

Thinking mode !

Well, being in love isn’t always easy. However, am still confused which one is easier – falling in love, falling out of love or, after facing both the situations, then again trying to understand the meaning of love from scratch. One word would surely define this stage – it’s “COMPLICATED”. The word ‘love’ is very closely associated with another tiny term which has a mammoth meaning – “LIFE”. The myth that whatever happens, happens for the best has been refuted long back. All of us know, and would agree, that life isn’t a bed of roses and I bet it hasn’t been that way for many. Fighting your way through and holding onto a situation till your last breath proves how strong you are in your survival strategy, as everyone is aware of the fact that the strongest and the fittest only can survive. But don’t you think that even the fittest and the strongest tends to falter when it comes down to lost love or breakups? These are terms that can rip a person’s life apart, on one hand, and can even change the meaning and approach of a person’s life in the positive direction on the other hand.

Life upside down !

The cycle of life, love and breakup continues unendingly. The best part comes in when you leave all hopes of falling in love again and are ready to give up the desire of letting any new person enter your life, you find someone unexpectedly coming so close to your heart that you don’t even realise that when again and how, have you been swept off your feet and been taken into one of those bumpy rides into the path of love. Rationality might give you the warning signal during these times, but I strongly feel that during these stages our hearts grow a mind of their own and they decide to take the risk of experiencing love again. However, the conflict that develops between the heart and the mind during this issue is a huge and massive one. It’s like the clash of the titans and the poor guy or the girl, who is facing these inner turbulences of the heart and the mind, remains at a loss, not knowing how to handle the situation and make life simpler and easier.

Things cannot always be set right but one should take such situations in one’s stride and should try to see a little sense into such sensitive issues. Do all it takes to come back to life again…Do all it takes to love life again…Do all it takes to love thy self again. You are special and do not deserve to waste time pondering over the issue. Promise yourself to stay happy, enjoy the day and sleep peacefully at night…Go out and catch your friends you haven’t met in a long time; they are the ones who’ll help you out !

Share your dilemmas, it’ll reduce the anxiety and the pain attached. Eat good and drink better. Don’t drown yourself into the sorrow of alcohol, instead try my favourite “Double shot cappuccino” (wink) – it helped when I had a rough patch in my life…that froth, that cream, and the cookie along did spread the required fun and frolic in my life… It’s a first hand experience that I am sharing people and it works !

Life is a huge canvas, keep on splashing the colours of emotions on it, for emotions makes us human…and, I am sure the outcome of the portrayal of life will be beautiful and breathtaking for all of us.


  1. once in my school time, we had a store near the compound and at the end of every working day, we will have a Mint candy, it will be different from others, we had it for a week, later on we got bored with that, like that there will be a yielding point for everything(my view), certain things should be kept away from that yielding point.. like Love,relationship and friendship !
    Nice post ! i enjoyed !

    1. Thanks Deepak, Love and life are definitely beyond the yielding points..and we shud ensure they stay that way !

  2. Emotions or the heart as we say play a vital role in the decision making process of the mind. Each time we anticipate something that our mind feels is nice for us, we get excited, and so do we get scared when it anticipates something bad. Similar is the case for other emotions.
    Most of the time when we have to decide something, the process usually involves choosing one path out of two or more. Each path may have several negative & several positive points. While some may be more significant than others, so much that a single positive one may nullify all the negative ones & vice versa. While solutions may be found for some of the negative points, yet solutions can at times create new problems which may again further require choosing a path and the same decision making process. Then there are intuitive powers of our mind. All this complex analysis is done by our mind and it gives us the outcome in the form of feelings. The stronger it feels in favour of a particular decision the more excited we are, the stronger it is against something the more we hate the thing or are scared of as the case be. In case it finds similar possibilities in more than one paths the outcome is a confused decision.
    If the matter involves choosing a guy or a girl for oneself and our mind decides in favour of the person the outcome is a feeling of love. The stronger it feels in favour, stronger is the feeling of love and we find ourselves in being love. As for failed love life or bad decisions there are reasons like unanticipated problems, unforeseen circumstances, lack of knowledge, inexperience, etc.
    Cappuccino does not solve any problem, solving a problem does. As for cycle of life, love and breakup, it will hopefully end once you are happily married.

    1. Agreed point of view is that life is so beautiful that temporary set backs shouldn’t withhold it. Love is such a powerful emotion that it can take us high or bring us completely down. After a break up, efforts shud be made to see life in a new direction and all that it takes to keep oneself happy should be put into effort… Cappuccino does help, the meaning is not a cup of coffee but a cup of life here…And for cycle of life..its vicious !

  3. When it comes to the working of our mind, it works in accordance to the importance of an issue. The higher it evaluates the importance of a particular issue, the higher it accords the priority to work on it. For example, if we know that tomorrow we have a serious threat to our life, no matter how much we try we won’t be able to concentrate on our daily chores and we should not even do so. What our mind wants us is to stop all other work immediately and no matter what, how, just find a way out to save our life.
    In case of a breakup, our mind feels that something real bad has happened which needs to be addressed immediately. What it wants us to address is, why at all the wrong happened, if the wrong happened can somehow be corrected, if not what can be done to minimize or neutralize its ill effects that are to be faced. Serious rethink is needed as to where we went wrong and what steps can be taken so as not to be in similar situations in future.
    As for maintaining healthy relationship with others you do not shove tiny, ignorable issues under the carpet, so shouldn’t you do to maintain a healthy relationship with your mind especially when the issue is big.
    Cappuccino may be a cup of life as alcohol may be to some but is definitely not a solution. As for the cycle, it is vicious that’s why our mind wants a way out.

    1. My idea of life is a balance between being serious and being fun…Too much of pondering sometimes changes the magnitude of a problem and even a small problem looks bigger. These are my ideas to cope up with issues,my findings and its my crux that too much of thinking leads nowhere….me and my cappuccino goes hand in hand and thats me…each and every indivudual has his/her style of solving issues.

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