LookBook: Strutting in Sejal Jain

lookbook tanya virmani
It’s easy in it there!

I am so hungry but this Fashion LookBook needs to be finished. I am writing after a really long time. Life’s been through ups and downs and I have realised by now that it’s me and just me who can pull me out of the rut. So all you girls out there, cheer up, chin up and face life right in the eyes. Wearing good clothes help in camouflaging the real feelings most of the times. And it makes you feel good too. Today’s post is about my recent collaboration with Sejal Jain, a cool designer from Delhi.

tanya virmani
Live & let live COMFORTABLY!
lookbook tanya virmani
It’s easy in it there!

Sejal Jain has her store in Defence Colony, the heart of Delhi. She makes really stylish clothes that are affordable too. You can choose designs from her online pages on Facebook and Instagram, both with the handle @SejalJainOfficial and direct message her to place an order. Send your measurements online and get your designer piece delivered at your doorstep. The best part, the piece will be perfect to fit. Just in case, a minor adjustment is needed, I would suggest to get it done by your local tailor rather than getting into the hassle of sending it back and forth. But it’s rare that an alteration is needed for her design.

tanya virmani
The full look!
sejal jain online
Walk out in ease & style!
Sejal Jain official designer delhi
Look at the colours woman!

This jumpsuit is love at first sight. The fabric, feel, cut, sewing, everything is apt. Well, it’s also a reversible jumpsuit so, you get 2 jumpsuits at the price and space of one. How cool is that! This one is priced at Rs 10,000.

I lived a whole day in it ranging from an event to two coffee meet ups with my pals back to back. The whole day was relaxed, comfortable and breathable in Delhi’s scorching heat. And I did get the compliments on it, so that’s a way of reassurance on your choice.

sejal jain review
What’s up?
Sejal Jain online
Oh life, feel like loving you again!
Sejal Jain official designer
The greys take the personal greys away.
Sejal Jain official
Breathable fabric, perfect for this unbearable heat.

Well, Sejal Jain, I am your frequent customer now!

Guys, here is the reversed look. I love both the sides.

Sejal Jain designer
Ooh, I love myself in it!
Sejal Jain designer
Too sassy!

Before I sign off, here are my Instagram and Facebook pages to stay in touch. It’s always fun to stay connected and talk to each other via the medium of my posts. I also bring forth crazy giveaways which my readers love. So staying in touch is a good idea! 🙂

Take care & have lots of fun


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