Let’s come together to help our friends quit smoking!


We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all succumb to temptations during our teenage days or college life or even at the workplace. As frivolous as it may sound, most people end up succumbing to an addiction to stay cool or in vogue. That’s one reason. The other could possibly be stress, whether its due to workplace issues or feeling insecure about being single! We’re human and we seek relief in any form when we’re desperate, needy or even bored. A friend offers a helping hand, albeit with a cigarette. It seems lucrative and that famous one-liner, “you should try something at least once in your life” echoes in your mind. And then you look around just to see if ‘no one’s looking’. Your friend urges you take your first drag. Then there’s no looking back, from 1 cigarette a day to start with, it moves on to 3, 5, 10 and so on. Before you know it, you’re addicted. You’re hooked and you’re committed to your ciggy. Cigarette breaks become part of the routine and on your way home, you think of new nooks and corners where you can hide your packets!

But today, if you are a smoker, just pause. Just take a deep breath and think. Not only about what you have done to yourself but how it can affect you in the long run. Not only you but how this addiction can have a dampening effect on your family, friends and girlfriend or wife. While there is a lot of ‘gyaan’ on the net on how smoking acts as a silent killer, here are a few thought-provoking, inspirational short-films… that can hopefully help you see the dark side of your daily pleasure and inspire you to quit.

Nicorette in association with Talenthouse developed a contest that invited budding film-makers to make short films on the ‘Amazing Happens Together’ theme. These films are aimed at inspiring you to start your quit smoking journey…do have a look!

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