3 Classic Leather trends to experiment your look!

This winter it’s all about being directional, exciting and diverse! And what better way to do it than leather? New cuts, new shapes and new ways to wear it. From blazers with polished leather sleeves to pleated studded skirts, designers across the globe have created everything imaginable for anyone with a knack for leather trends.  The grand story is that now we have neater cuts in androgyny designs coming in. The leather jackets of 70s minus the over-designs are a major feature in the fall’12 collections. And hey, you don’t need to go all Glam rock with a tattoo or dark eye liner and you don’t have to be edgy either to carry leather off; there are plentiful options for those who like to keep it safe as well!

1. Leather jacket.

Leather jackets are a must have! It can be fun and exciting as well simple and sophisticated. From the quilted ones to the 70s studded biker jackets, leather is a go-to material when it comes to winters. You can pair them up with almost anything- Skirts, jeans, leggings or even a feminine dress. For those who dare to try- there’s the classic all leather look. Pair your jacket with leather boots or pants, throw in some studded bold funky accessories and you are all set to go, here’s the celebrity take in the leather jacket! Notice how a difference in color changes the whole vibe of the outfit, the key to defining an outfit with a leather jacket also lies in the way you layer it. For a refined all leather look, pair a classic black slip or you can also experiment with a sequined tank/waistcoat. For a more feminine look pick up lighter colors with floral prints or soft detailing.

2. Leather pants
Leather pants are a growing trend with the stylists these days. The idea is to mix heavy knits with a metallic touch by adding pants highlighting a sleek and slim line down the waist or a carrot look. There are a lot of options available out there. The cropped rubberized faux leather pants and pants with leather patches, studded waistline, stitched panel detailing present an ample variety for experiment. The important thing to keep in mind while choosing a leather pant/legging apart from the cut is the texture and color. Black is an all-timer but those who like to play around with colors can go for purple red or brown. Here are few samples from the leading winter collections of Zara and ASOS.
Sheer and leather? Now who’d have thought of that!

3. Leather Boots.

Yes, the good old leather boots girl is still a selling image this winter and it is likely that it will stay the same for years to come. So be sure to invest in good quality polished leather shoes this season. Be it studded oxfords, ankle accentuating boots or knee length boots, leather certainly will add an edge to your outfit. Want to try something out of the box? Have a look at these JC faux leather fur boots, gives to you the best of both worlds- chic leather look and soft fur comfort to snuggle your feet in, this winter.

As I said, it’s all about being exciting and diverse this winter and leather trends are here to stay! So don’t be shy to experiment and play around with texture and don’t forget to send us your take or feedback on leather.



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