Latest fashion trends to Style up your winters!

winter clothes for women

Hey, my girlies, here are some latest fashion trends to funk up your winter look. These are easy 4 must Dos and you can really steal the look wherever you go. These are easy winter clothes for women, convenient and readily available. All you got to do is keep these basics in mind while dressing and hey, you are good to go!

As the winter arrives, everyone is looking forward to the change in their wardrobe. It’s time to pull away all your summer clothes and get your wardrobe some amazing winter clothing. Winter is the most amazing time of the year, and personally not my favourite, for I hate that chill but when it comes to fashion, winter takes the cake and the cherry! Winters fashion is so much fun since we can do so much playing around with our wardrobe.

  • Layering
  • Shorts and stockings
  • Scarves
  • Coats and jackets


Layering is a must in this cold weather where every wind gets us shivers. There are interesting ways to do layering. This season you can do alot of layering with different t-shirts, blazers and sweaters and use a muffler or a scarf as an add on. You can wear a nice printed sweater with a blazer with rolled up sleeves. Layering can be done in a lot of different ways and you can be very creative with the layering. Try layering in bold colours or a monochrome. Layering is a fun way to experiment with clothes in winters.

latest fashion trends
Layered look. Bring out 2 to 3 to 4 layers.

Shorts and stockings

Wear your shorts and skirts in winters too. Add a pair of stockings underneath and beat the cold. There are different types of stockings like woolen stockings, coloured stockings and textured stockings. You can buy shorts and skirts in thick woolen fabrics with interesting weaves. Try out solid colours with sold colour stockings like a yellow skirt with black stockings or a blue skirt with red stockings. So even in winters your outfits can be made interesting and fun.

latest fashion trends
Team up your shorts and skirts with beautiful stockings.

Scarves and more scarves.

Scarves are the most important accessory in winters. The prints for scarves this winter are big, thick rugby stripes and bold colours for colour blocking. They can be worn in different ways to accentuate the style quotient. Below are few different types of scarf tying ways.

  • Left long and dangling
  • Knotted
  • Looped
  • Tied
  • Wrapped
  • Half bow scarf
  • Braid scarf
  • Scarf as a belt
  • Muffler scarf
  • Layered scarf
  • Knot scarf

There are dime a dozen ways to tie scarves and try all of these looks to look smart and attractive. These are important must haves in your winter wardrobe.

latest fashion trends
Try different ways to tie the scarf to have that jazzed up look.

Coats & Jackets

Coats are a must have to spare yourself from the biting winter cold. There are different types of coats available in the market. This season the must haves are the oversized coats with a belt to be tied on the waist. These coats are comfortable and warm. Then there are a variety of long and short coats like the A-Line coats, Straight fit coats, fur coats, Peplum coats etc. Long coats are attractive and can be worn over dresses, leggings and jeans. Short coats can be worn with shorts, leggings and jeans. Leather jackets are very essential. They look rich and can be worn on nice occasions. They are neat and eye-catching.

latest fashion trends
Short coats

So people out there it’s time for you to have a wardrobe makeover. Pull up your socks and start shopping and welcome winter with warmth. Let’s Expresso the latest fashion trends in style!


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