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Fashion and girls are best pals forever. The “matching-matching” thing is every girl’s fancy. They are keen to slip in conventional and up-to-date wearables. Fashion trends are derived prominently from three sources – runway fashion shows, red carpet events and real life.

Bringing the hottest jewelry trends in your personal fashion preference can be a tough endeavor. Today this post will help you in getting information about the latest fashion jewellery trends for regular wear by Heritage Jewellers. It is always recommended to choose a correct piece while adorning your personality. An accessory must integrate your style seamlessly yet beautifully.

Apparel trends change so do jewellery trends. As a new season approach, new variety of jewellery surfaces! Picking up fashion ornaments is always fun and quirkiest way to update your wardrobe. The perfect way to adopt new styles is to pick the three or four ‘best among the lot’ statement pieces which best suit your persona. If you’re looking for some bright and vivid options, go for shiny bangles, earrings and oversized neck pieces.

Your style statement must reflect the best of a trend while decking up your personality. If fashion mood turns to traditional, add a hint of classic or chunk jewelry which constitutes the hottest fashion trends too. Wear a conservative look with pearl jewellery, delicate or sleek chains, vintage adornments including hair pins, jhumkas and chokers.

The key is to have your own niche in creating your own style statement. With a ‘mix and match’ policy get something intriguing and reflecting about you and your attitude. Like some special ring with your favorite colored gem stone. Some of the trending ornaments include abalone (shiny pearl beauty), yellow gold, radiant orchid, chevrons, pyramids, stick pins, body jewellery, bracelets and heavy metal bangles.

The signature jewellery trends are also there in vogue. Keep one striking piece of ornament as your typical style statement that you will wear for years. In a nutshell, a thumb rule for jewellery trend says to pick the jewellery that best represents your élan and panache!

  1. @Tanya Virmani I am Editor and writer i was exploring something on jewellery to write on it. so, i came through your blog. the way you write is fantastic .Especially the style statement you delivered is through you this post for girls is gift for them who are new to buy wedding or decent jewellery. this will surely help to them.

    i want to see many more fashion tips from your side.. good write-ups keep it up !!

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