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Life in a metro is full of ups and downs. While no doubt that we women are responsible for our safety hands down, sometimes being a little extra conscious helps. Girls today are fiercely independent and careful about every aspect, still the news bulletin everyday brings forth those pieces that instil fear and security question marks. When Kwema approached Let’s Expresso for an awareness post about their jewellery, it made all the sense. Here is all about the jewellery that can save women’s lives and make them look sassy at the same time.


Kwema: The Jewelry That Can Save Women's Lives
Kwema: The Jewelry That Can Save Women’s Lives


Kwema: The Jewelry That Can Save Women's Lives

Kwema: The Jewelry That Can Save Women's Lives


Kwema: The Jewelry That Can Save Women’s Lives

Kwema is a personal safety jewellery that has a built-in panic button. In dire situations, when the alarm gets triggered, the jewellery syncs with Kwema’s app on the user’s mobile and instantly sends an alert with her location to family, friends, local authorities and also other people nearby who have the app on their phone.

Kwema app can be downloaded by anyone and the person can be ready to act in an emergency situation and create a safety network to help others. The app will also have a panic button which can be triggered incase of need. Someone without the jewellery bracelet can also use the app for help. Besides family and friends, people connected via the app nearby will also be able to help.

Kwema free app will be laucnhing for both iOS and Android before the end of 2016. The jewellery bracelet is available for pre-orders at this link.

The USA based brand will start shipping worldwide from early next year. The bracelet and app will work anywhere without limitations.

Kwema benefit: With just a click of the button, you can activate friends, family and people nearby for help. It’s all about creating a safer environment for each other.

P.S: I am already up for my piece. My life, my safety!


    • Hi Jesse! Thank you very much! We are more than happy to know that you liked Kwema’s safety jewelry. Did you get yours? We encourage you to use the coupon code togetherforsafety to get an extra 10USD discount. Only 29 units left for this special pre-order price. Feel free to share the code with your friends too! If you need any further assistance, please contact us at


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