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When I received the invitation to visit the posh Library lounge at The Lodhi, New Delhi to check out the latest Spring Summer’14 launch by Koovs.com, the word Spring Summer caught my fancy. It meant summers were near and I would come out of my hibernation soon. With my mind frozen to the max, I couldn’t wait anymore for summers to arrive. With still a month to bear, the experience at The Lodhi gave me hope of brighter days to come.Fashion Blog IndiaFashion Blog Indiafashion blog IndiaFashion lookbook

Fashion Blog Indiafashion blog IndiaFashion blog IndiaKoovs.com launched its Spring Summer’14 collection with much paparazzi and detailing. The marketing and design team ensured understanding of the collection to the tee and it was a pleasure to see many brands parallel to each other and exquisite in form and style. The highlight of the event was the launch of Menswear, a new initiative by the brand to take a grip on the ever increasing online men’s wear demand and market. It was fun exploring the exciting men’s brands and a sneak peak into KOOVS private label collection.

KOOVS SPRING SUMMER 2014 women Collection seemed like a one-stop fashion destination for wardrobe needs. The new and exciting range at KOOVS private label and other brands on board had a mix of sheer fabrics, flowy silhouettes, Aztec prints, super jumpsuits, fine georgettes and stretchable fabrics. The pastel colors took the highlight and bold reds and oranges were used mainly for evening and lounge wear. The swim suits were launched for the first time and exotic lingerie in die hard patterns and designs proved a quick eye treat. The bold and beautiful accessories looked a huge hit and I could not take my eyes off brilliantly carved neck pieces and danglers. If it was for me, I would have picked them all. Last but definitely the most favoured, shoes and sandals in tassels, aztec prints, bold designs and metalled studs caught off the fancy with a huge hit. They were not selling there, else I would have bought a couple of them atleast.

The collection will launch in the following months and Koovs team of talented designers work with careful precision and trend watch to bring forward affordable fashion at Indian doorsteps. The buying team is based out of India and London and works together to bring the best fashion infront. With over 150 products being added each week, it’s a treat to browse through the website and find the best and relevant buys. The brands to harp upon apart from KOOVS private label are Daisy street, Patrick & Cox, Melika M, Forever new to name a few. Melika Imoru is the Director of design and one of the best labels on board. Emma Reed, Head Menswear is working closely with the Indian market to launch products as per Indian men style and sensibilities.

My take on the collection:

  • The designs have an international touch and match the urban aspirations.
  • The range starts from Rs 500 to Rs 5000 and there is a product for everyone.
  • This is an honest effort to bring the best British and international brands to Indian houses.
  • Affordable and classy, the products are a delight.
  • The accessories range is crafted with high skills and designs are unique and fabulous.
  • The recent Men’s wear gives a high definition to Men apparel and clothing.

In the end, Let’s Koov it in Let’s Expresso style!


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