Kids fashion- The latest on the block. Like really?

When Suri Cruise launched her label… I gasped like really ??? And her £1.5million deal proved big time that kids fashion is the in thing. She maybe just seven but her following is like a crazy lime punch enjoyed by 5 to 55 years old. Kids are the latest teens or I can say they have conquered the fashion circuit and it will be no surprise if Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter becomes the brand ambassador of a new kids line soon….I am counting days for that.

Almost all the brands are out with their kids line product extensions. From a full grown western wear market, there is a full attack on the Indian wear aswell. One can see swanky lehanga cholis to churidaar salwaars to fusion wear even for those little legs. I sometimes wonder…where is this heading? The age that is so gullible and naive is forced with larger than life hoardings of fashion advertisements and not so required fashion stories. If mothers were not enough, there are little daughters with matching frocks and sandals and accessories swanking the parties and behaving triple their age. The paint books are replaced by makeup palettes and the innocence with early street smartness. Trust me, the trade off is expensive- literal and actual!

In my opinion, lets leave the little ones alone. Their mothers and fathers can take care of their dressing and the required fashion sense. Let them develop it with time and age and maturity. It’s nice to see that twinkle in their eyes and that rawness in their approach. The cuteness in their talking and the frequent giggling is what makes then adorable rather than flashy clothes and style tricks. Cute little feet and cute little fingers are meant for hand holding and playing and running in the sun without a care about getting tanned or dusted rather than thinking about ruining their dresses or finger nails. Let’s leave them alone and Let childhood be childhood! Agree?

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