Khud Ko Kar Buland

Khud Ko Kar Buland

We all have heard the phrase Khud Ko Kar Buland so many times, thanks to Hindi movies, songs and parental advice. But how many times, have we really pondered over the meaning and the thought behind? There come some times in life when this phrase knocks you down totally and you understand each and every word in full essence and might! The words echo hard in your soul and then you give a new meaning and direction to life, one that justifies your being and your goal.

There came a similar time in my life 2 years back when I left my job to pursue a course in fashion design. After a year long study, when I walked out of the college, I felt a void, an emptiness, a feeling of being directionless, of suddenly questioning my very own decision. A sturdy job in hand vs starting from a scratch had its own challenges. But then I made a promise to myself to be independent again, to be confident enough to take life’s challenges hands down. I started working on my fashion blog with determination and spirit and today I can say, I’m on the correct path. I may not have reached my goal yet but I’m 5 feet away. And what really helped me going with months on no income was my financial planning that I did before quitting my job. One right decision took care of my daily expenses, working expenses and miscellaneous expenses that we never take into account.

My experience has taught me that life is as you take it. Some right decisions get you totally sorted and financial planning is one of them for at the end of the day you need money to buy you the food. Security and planning helped me protect my dreams and gave me the opportunity to follow my passion. So I urge all of you to go ahead, do great things in life but be prepared and secured. Don’t let anything stop you from following you heart. Eat, love, Pray, work, Party, travel, pursue your dreams, take risks but be secured.

Birla Sun Life Insurance believes in the same, that we are in control of our destiny. We can deal with any surprise that life throws if we are prepared. The latest campaign calls for people to move ahead fearlessly #KhudKoKarBuland. This heart touching video jolts you down and get to the very core meaning of life- security for self and loved ones. Go ahead, watch the video and think!

  1. Hi Tanya.
    what a coincedence today when i’m reading your post,i too is going through the same thought process.

    i’m planning daring to leave job and start with something at my own after doing job for 18 years. want to do fashion and product photography without having any idea of competition, financial prospectus in this profession whereas i have back for just one year and have responsibilty of a family also.
    Your blog is strenght giving. GOD bless you.

    1. Thanks Saurabh. But pls do the complete analysis before taking the step. There are so many unexpected expenses for doing any business + everyday expenses + monthly expenses. Be covered for atleast 5 years before taking the plunge. Also, I would say start alongside your job and test the waters. Take it to a level where it starts giving some income before going full time on it. Keep the faith and All the best.

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