Khadi : Succession from huts to high streets!

Gandhiji never thought that Khadi would be displayed on gorgeous models during fashion weeks .Once, popularized by him as a symbol of India’s independence movement, handspun khadi has become a style statement today.

The designers have given khadi a modern touch and appeal that it no longer seems like a poor man’s cloth. Imagination and new techniques of weaving have given it a complete makeover. The bright hues of reds, oranges and green make it an everyday fabric. The apparel stores have separate sections of khadi creations and promote it extensively.

Khadi represents a handicraft product of Indian value. It represents a glorious past embraced by contemporary India. The relevance of the fabric has grown with time making it an all rounder throughout the year.

The raw materials are cotton, silk, wool which are spun into thread on a charkha (spinning wheel).The fabric is cool in summers and warm in winters. Now-a-days khadi is blended with manmade fibers to make it ideal for western cuts and thus, be widely accepted in fashion circles.

The handspun fabric is eco-friendly and signifies rural empowerment. New yarns are developed in pastel shades to make an impact. Being hand woven and eco-dyed ,the fabric provides endless possibilities. From being a traditional kurta, the khadi collection, today is available in skirts, tops, tunics, trousers.

Khadi India has found space in various crafts, shoes and home décor.The dyes give the cloth a whole new aspect and add élan to tablecloths, curtains,runners, cushions and sofa covers. The whole look and feel is very Gandhian and deep. Khadi is mostly enjoyed in its natural form and the structure looks great when kept simple. The bling and shimmer are for chiffons and satins. For Khadi,the natural aesthetics are the most pleasurable.

The hand woven fabric has come of age and style and truly represents a flourishing India.

The Khadi Gram store that is frequented the most in Delhi is:

Store address:

Khadi Gram Udyog Bhavan

No.24, Regal Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi-01

    1. Yea Priya ,the desi tarka has taken a modern swing and it feels proud to see the national thread going global.

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