Kashmiri Embroidery

Weaves of North India Just like Chikankari and Phulkari, Kashmiri embroidery work and weaving style is very famous amongst the North Indians. They specially prefer the woolen garments and carpets made by authentic Kashmiri workers. Shawls, carpets and woolen clothes are some of the most famous products of the Kashmiri art. The workers who make them specialize in the art of making carpets and woolen garments. They have their own style of making these garments and use natural wool in making them. This is why, these garments are so famous all over India. Kashmiri embroidery has always fascinated people. Their special craftwork and the art of carpet making is famous not only in India but all over the world. Tourists and visitors who come to visit Kashmir do not leave without purchasing the products of Kashmiri art. Once you see the genuine Kashmiri art, you will recognize it instantly as the workers use their own peculiar way of making things. Considered to be the national craft of the state, you can easily find that a large section of traditional Kashmiri workers practice the art of carpet making.

They expertise in this special art as they and their ancestors have been doing this for a long time. Another important kashmiri art that will surely lure you is the kashmiri wool which has its own importance all over the world. It keeps warmer in comparison to the conventional wool and this is one of the pivotal reasons behind the popularity of Kashmiri wool. You can try many products made from Kashmiri wool and the popular ones include cardigans and pullovers for men and women. The recent trend has changed to a large extent and the workers now make designs keeping in mind the taste and preference of the young people. Cashmere wool (Kashmiri wool) If you live in the northern part of India, then you would have surely used the cashmere wool in the winter season. The workers obtain this wool from the mountain goats and sheer it naturally. This helps in keeping the natural essence of the wool. The woolen garments made out of this wool are famous all over the country and people from all corners of the world come to this region to purchase this wool.

Kashmiri kadai
Kashmiri Embroidery design Work

Kashmiri wool has a special place amongst the local workers in the community, as it is one of the primary sources of their earnings. Youngsters have a keen interest in the woolen garments made from this wool and the workers now use trendy and funky designs to lure the young customers. You can wear these woolen garments with all types of modern wear but they will match perfectly if you wear them with the traditional outfits. The recent years have seen a great demand of Kashmiri wool in all parts of the country and foreign exports are on a sky rise. Woolen garments Woolen garments are the products that have played an important role in bringing Kashmiri weaving art in front of the world. People from all age groups love to wear garments made with Kashmiri wool as it has better quality than the conventional type of wool. Many modern textile industries have started using this wool to make different woolen products for the customers. If you are a teenager, then you will surely love to wear the sweaters made with Kashmir wool as it will give you a new appeal and look. It also keeps you warmer and has better quality than other types of wool. One can also try other products made with the Kashmiri wool. These products include shawls, head and neck scarves and woolen blankets.

Young people have a special place for the Kashmiri fabric and weaving as they find it more appealing and worthy. If you are a girl, then try out woolen suits made with Kashmir wool. They look quite elegant as every suit is woven with a special type of traditional design. You can easily differentiate the conventional Kashmiri art as it follows a special pattern and structure that looks immensely beautiful on the woolen clothes. Due to the increased demand of the traditional Kashmiri garments, you can easily spot a number of shops all over India selling these garments. One has ample of options to choose from especially when it comes to the typical Kashmiri clothes. Now you can purchase them from anywhere in India as you also have the option to purchase these garments through online sites. They offer you attractive prices and discounts and give you the widest variety of options to choose from. So the next time you want to wear something different and prevent yourself from freezing in cold, then get the garments made with Kashmiri wool and you will not find yourself disappointed. Young girls love to wear the scarves and shawls made with wool because they have some of the best traditional designs that you can flaunt on a woolen garment. In the earlier years, these garments came with a heavy price tag but now you can get them at a steal price as they are available everywhere. Designer blazers and sweaters are very popular among young boys. They look good on modern wear too so you do not have to change your clothes to adjust. Today, Kashmiri garments not only have traditional but also modern and cool design patterns on them. You will find them quite appealing, as they will give you the funk. One can also find them in all types, colors, shapes and sizes. Even the adults love wearing them, especially the elder people as it keeps them warm and cozy. Try wearing conventional formal clothing with a simple sweater or blazer made with Kashmiri fabric wool and you will instantly notice that you stand out from rest of the crowd. So get yourself a new pullover made with Kashmiri wool and you will find yourself to be the point of attraction in your group. If you are a young girl, then try woolen suits with kashmiri embroidery as they have pleasing and elegant traditional designs that will give you a beautiful look.

Kashmiri kadai

Kashmiri shawls are the most famous and popular state representatives. The world looks at Kashmir for the delicate designs and embroideries. Possessing kashmiri shawls is a must to feel that warmth on a chilly windy day…whatever u have, one kashmiri shawl is a definite possess to say cheese under the sun with a hot cup of cappuccino…Let’s Expresso in Kashmiri embroidery!

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