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Match it with other accessories.

Fitness is a way of life. It is not a long distant dream. It’s wearable, it’s candy, it’s your fitness trainer wrapped around your wrist. And it talks to you! Fitness is Jawbone! Read ahead for the Jawbone UP3 review.

Wearable gadgets are the next sunrise products for the health conscious and smart customers. This wrist worn wearable technology is the in-thing and I must say a very cool concept. So when I started using the Jawbone UP3 device a month back, I had my scepticism and enthusiasm at the same time. Will this be just a passing fashion fad? Will it be used by me everyday? Will I be addicted to it? Will Jawbone up3 serve its purpose? The Jawbone UP3 review has all the answers straight from my experience.


Jawbone Up3 Review

The UP3 gadget monitors my daily steps, workouts, idle activity, sleep time, heart bpm and even does a victory dance on completing 10,000 steps. It’s inseparable from me. I wear it stand alone most of the times and love to pair it with my watch or a bracelet. It’s like that one accessory you cannot leave home without.

jawbone up3 review
My Jawbone UP3.
jawboneN up3 review images/2015
Jawbone UP can be easily matched with other accessories.

The best part about the activity tracker is it’s like your constant companion that means the best for you.

Jawbone UP3 reminds me of my inactivity forcing me to take those additional steps to complete the daily average.

It tells me how lazy or active I have been to motivate for an extra 15 minutes of walk or to celebrate the day’s achievement.

Jawbone just won’t stop reminding me of my flaws or strengths. I’m certainly on my way to achieve my weight loss goals and an active lifestyle and I urge all of you to think about it and make it your companion aswell. This is one friend you won’t regret ever in life. Here I get reminded about my steps for the day as I write this Jawbone UP3 review and I know how far I am from today’s target. Time to gear up! This is how this band keeps me on track by regularly awakening me from my laziness, by embarrassing me of my laziness :).

Jawbone is your all time friend that loves you the most and goes thick n thin to care for you.

More about the Jawbone family of UP trackers to help you decide which model to buy.

Jawbone brings UP family of Stylish Activity Trackers in India. The family of the most popular UP products include UP MOVE, UP2 and UP3. UP by Jawbone is a very unique combination of powerful software and beautiful hardware to help you monitor and understand how you move, eat and sleep so that you can track your lifestyle and make better choices to live. The advanced UP algorithms turn data into insights that help you improve your activity, diet and sleep. My UP3 has improved my lifestyle in a way that it feels good to be tracked down everyday. My walking, working out, eating and sleeping patterns have drastically changed, for the better!

jawbone up3 review images/2015
The various colors of Jawbone UP3 to choose from.


  • Jawbone UP3 Online availability in India: The family of UP products- UP MOVE, UP2 and UP3 is available exclusively at
  • Jawbone UP3 price in India: Pricing starts at Rs 4,999/- for UP MOVE, Rs 9,999/- for UP2 and Rs 14,999/- for UP3.
  • This Fitness arm candy comes in many colors to choose from.
  • A combination of design and latest consumer technology.
  • With heart diseases, diabetes and other lifestyle problems starting at an early age, keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is the need of the hour.
  • The UP app can be downloaded free on your smartphone to monitor daily activity. The UP activity tracker connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with your smartphone to give real-time progress reports to keep you on track. The UP app motivates you to make improvements for long-term results.
  • UP activity trackers feature slim and stylish designs for everyday 24/7 wear. Moreover, these wristbands can be easily accessorised with watches and jewellery on the wrist.
  • UP MOVE is a fun, entry level tracker available in 5 colors to mix and match, offering 6 months of battery life. It provides comprehensive summary of your daily progress with steps and sleep. UP 2, available in 8 colors is the next level up and gives personalised reminders through the day + smart alarm features in addition to UP MOVE features. It’s slim and sleek with upto 10 days of battery life. UP3, in addition to UP2 features captures resting and passive heart rate, detailed sleep stage tracking and automatic workouts through Jawbone’s advanced multi-sensor platform. This elegant activity tracker provides a week of battery life. It’s available in 6 colors.
  • Get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it.

Jawbone UP3 is the latest and has all the features. I only wish it had an inbuilt screen with a watch and activity tracker display so I would not have to go to my phone again and again to monitor my daily progress. On this the brand gave 2 reasons- one that they wanted certain design aesthetics in the product and secondly a display would eat up battery everyday so one would have to frequently charge the device like a phone. The current design enables the battery to last upto 7 days without charging.

So depending upon your lifestyle, choose the model that suits you the most and fits in your budget. This wrist band will definitely motivate you, remind you and help you in achieving your fitness goals. Go, buy one today!

If you’re already using fitness bands, I would love to hear your experience with them? Or are you planning to buy one after reading the Jawbone UP3 review? Let’s motivate each other. Do share your views in the comments below 🙂

Here’s to our fitness goals!

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