Jaguar along with Stella McCartney Brings the New XE to Paris

Jaguar and Stella McCartney

All Jaguar lovers, watch out for the New XE! #FEELXE


§  To mark the arrival of the XE in Paris, Stella McCartney and Jaguar have created Exhilarating FEEL XE Experiences for the consumers.

§  Stella has dressed Jaguar vehicles as part of the FEEL XE campaign in her Spring 2015 Superhero print.

§  The partnership between Jaguar and Stella celebrates performance, modernity and innovation- reflection of a shared design philosophy.

§  At the Paris Motor Show on 2 October, this collaboration marks the next phase in the Jaguar XE reveal. 

As the roll-out of the new Jaguar XE continues, Jaguar has collaborated with the leading British designer Stella McCartney for the next phase of the FEEL XE campaign, ahead of her Paris Fashion Week Show on 29 September. Both Stella and Jaguar have a shared commitment to innovation, modernity and performance, and represent the best in British design. The FEEL XE Experience is a remarkable expression of this design philosophy.

Stella McCartney OBE commented about her work on the FEL XE campaign: “Jaguar is a British brand that’s full of heritage, charm and one that I’ve admired for years so it’s a pleasure to be finally working directly with them. It was interesting to adapt my playful Superhero print for the XE, adding a feeling of empowerment to its exhilarating design – I can’t wait to see it on the streets of Paris.”

At the Paris Motor Show, Jaguar will announce full details of the entire XE range, from the efficient 99g/km E-Performance model to the exceptionally thrilling 250km/h supercharged S.

Together, the two luxury brands have created the FEEL XE Experience that will feature a fleet of luxury McCartney inspired Jaguars draped in the Superhero print from McCartney’s Spring 2015 collection. These vehicles will take the streets of Paris on 29 September Monday, to deliver a series of FEEL XE Experiences curated by Stella and Jaguar to carefully provide consumers with a super fine Exhilarating taste of cultural highlights unique to Paris.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design, spoke: “I’ve always greatly admired Stella’s work and enjoyed her previous collaborative projects, especially the performance apparel for the GB Olympic Team. It is a beautiful demonstration of Stella’s commitment to elegance, style as well as functionality and, performance which are attributes that I looked to express in the Jaguar XE.”

Following the fabulous FEEL XE Experience in Paris, the details of the next FEEL XE project with British actor Idris Elba will be announced in the coming months. Keep watching this space and don’t forget to see the cars on the street of Paris on Monday 29th September.

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