Introducing Dr Amna Mirza: A wife, An Author and A Mentor

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With this article, I make my first attempt to bring forward women who are carving their own lives, working their ways towards their dreams and are contributing to society in some way or other. These women are go getters who do not take No for an answer. They work with grit and make challenges their friends. These women are single, married, into motherhood and they make the best of every phase of their lives, unstoppable by choice.

With this interview, I am happily introducing Dr Amna Mirza, a multi faceted woman, who is navigating the world of being a politician’s wife, a teacher, an author, a society reformer and so many things. A graduate from St. Stephens’ College, she has degrees from the prestigious Hindu College (Masters’ Degree), United Business Institutes- Belgium (Master of Business Administration) and University of Delhi (Doctorate Degree).

She is a voracious reader, avid traveller, a regular observer, assistant professor and writer of political affairs with research interests in International Political Economy, Public Policy and Globalisation.

She is the author of the book ‘Global Times, Federal Concerns’ and editor of ‘Globalisation & Voices from Indian Practitioners’. Let’s talk to her her and know about her life, work and the balance for two.

1. Let us know about Amna Mirza in your words.

Hard working, always on the move, multi-tasker, vegan, avid traveller, voracious reader.

2. What are the challenges being a Politician’s wife?

Just like any other couple, we both also have our share of pros & cons.  Firstly, there are challenges at the personal side as your spouse’s time is never your own.  Lack of privacy, constant ups and downs owing to turbulent political conditions are also there. Further, One has to stand upto the expectations of people and other public perception issues. It is both very challenging and enjoyable. It is great learning experience as one has to learn to balance it out.

3. How difficult it is walking in a woman’s shoes? What is women empowerment for you?

Women are the epitome of care & tenderness. She is the sparkle in every persons’ life. To be a women is a herculean task- you have to perform many roles for others and in this sphere of multi-taking, keep a space for your ownself.

For me, women empowerment is about being able to carve out your niche in whichever domain one wants to juxtaposed with ethos of integrity with society, unity with family & friends and honesty to your ownself.

4. How do you handle the responsibilities that come with being a wife and a woman with a purpose.

I divide time between various places and ensure that where-ever, in my professional or personal domain, my presence and attention is needed- that should be there. Never leave any room for complacency. Each day do a self -examination as to where could things have been better.

I shrink the idea of walking with tags like ‘so & so wife or daughter’.. rather it is essential to introspect about your identity & your contribution towards the society at large.

5. Tell us some of your life’s learnings.

I was in 9th standard when my father lost his ability to speak in a stroke & due to which there was a big trouble for my family also. I have learnt since that tender that life is a battle. Every day has new challenges. In happy times, the world shall celebrate with you but in sorrow fewer folks shall be there. Thus, value the quality over quantity of people. If you have aims or ambitions, then as saying goes ‘Arjun ko sirf machli ki aankh dikhti hai’ that should be the motto.Fashion Blog India


Fashion blog India
Dr Amna Mirza with the people of Lakshadweep.

6. There are alot of girls including me who look at role models, at woman who have made a difference. Whom do you look upto?

Not any particular..

7. The role of education in a woman’s life.

Education opens up horizons and adds to a degree of purpose in life. However, for me- Education is just not about degrees or few tags. It is about the ability to be a human being who imagines life in a larger than context.

8. Role of family support in a woman’s life and how to proceed with a lack of it.

Family is significant backbone for any person. Though my childhood was often marred by personal tragedies-  fathers’ ailment, started working at a tender age, financing my education out of own sheer hard earned resources, amongst others, yet my family was always there as a moral support. Memories of past, path of present may have sweat & sour, but family support always makes your stride towards future more harder than ever before.

9. Your idea of self belief is?

Make yourself deserving before you desire. Work hard but pray harder. Above all, we live only once but if we live right then once is enough.

10. Your future work and life plans.

My dream is to revolution in skill based education in the country. Education in true sense takes place beyond the curriculum. The motto of life should not be limited to closed doors and cushioned scenarios. One must attempt to chuckle out of the shell to reach out to those where your efforts can make a difference for the better.


  1. Make yourself deserving before you desire. Work hard but pray harder. Above all, we live only once but if we live right then once is enough.: Great words Dr. love you. respect you.really proud of you. (Y)

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