In Time – Movie Review

Director: Andrew Niccol.

Cast: Johnny Galecki, Justin Timberlake, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, Matt Bomer

Year: 2011.

Sci flicks usually walk on a very thin line . There have been movies which have become cult (read as Star Wars, Aliens, and Terminator) and there have been others which have not been able to garner much of response (read as Minority Reports, War of the worlds etc.  ).

‘In time’ explores the novel idea of eternal life/capitalism/robin hood , so on and so forth.  ‘In time’ takes place in a near future where genetically modified humans after the age of twenty five years earn their livelihood by time added to their life and pay out their expenses by deducting the time from their life. Here, in the world of perfect economic balance, exist smaller and growing imperfections and the divide between the rich and the poor is evident by the number of years added to ones green watch that runs on the forearm of the hand.Thrown in are some “time cops” who just have to play by the books and defend the imperfect system and… a Robin-hood (our hero of the movie) along with his lovely muse trying to steal from rich to feed the poor- what, yes you probably guessed it right “time and time to live”.

In the Lead role Justin Timberlake(Will Salas) tends towards being dull while going about delivering his dialogues or flirting with his lady love Amanda Seyfried and rest of the cast just revolves around the chase .  The action sequences do not have a shock and awe feel ,but still manage to hold the audience .

Why watch ‘In time’ ? Women can watch it for the love of Justin Timberlake. Men can go and watch it for the highly debatable topic of capitalism and its vices and to further go on and debate on the pros and cons leading to the world economy in the state it is today and what future holds for it.  Watching ‘In time’ surely is not “time of my life” affair, however can pass as a lazy Sunday afternoon alternate.

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