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Dipti Tolani Salt Attire
Hey Dipti!

A beautiful afternoon, a woman entrepreneur and me = meaningful conversations!

Nothing beats the power of conversations that matter and here is one such conversation that I had with Dipti Tolani, founder of Salt Attire. The time flew & how! We spoke about her brand, her passion, her journey of highs & lows as an entrepreneur, future of offline retail and the advices for upcoming entrepreneurs. All in all, it was a conversation that’s stimulating and intelligent, and what more can I ask for!

About Salt Attire

Salt Attire has bespoke formal wear and tailor made smart casuals for women. You can wear their clothes from 9 to 9 and still want some more. They do customised tailoring as well. So if you fall into a size between S and M, you can feed in your measurement and they’ll customise the piece for you. If you’re tall and you want your dress 2 inches longer, these guys will do it for you. You get to wear their designs as per your measurements and that’s super cool! They have pants, suits, dresses, skirts and tops.

Dipti Tolani Salt Attire
Sharp work wear that tells your story.
Dipti Tolani Salt Attire
I have this dress and I can go straight from a meeting to coffee in this…

My experience with Salt Attire

I love what I have. My 3 dresses are perfect to close big ticket deals. And hey, I can wear them for my coffee plans in the evening too. All the dresses come with a lining that gives them durability and crispness. The fabrics breathe and let me take on the day. All my outfits are effortless and functional and can be worn around the clock. I embrace elegance with lush fabrics & patterns & easily move from desk to dinner..

I’d say, try their dresses and become a fan.

Interview with Dipti Tolani, founder Salt Attire

Here we go with my tete-a-tete with Dipti Tolani.

1. You left your mainstream corporate join in US to start your entrepreneurial journey in India. How did the decision come about?

I wanted to start my entrepreneurial journey and I weighed the pros and cons and took the decision. I was well-prepared but it’s much crazier than I had imagined. It was a hard call but I took the plunge. My life was like a vacation there but I guess I wanted some tough times. It was like NOW or NEVER. It is a rollercoaster ride but I’m glad that the call was taken.

2. What was the inspiration behind keeping the name ‘Salt Attire’?

Salt is something we consume everyday and it keeps the balance in our lives. It’s something you need everyday :).

3. Why did you foray into corporate styling?

I studied the Indian market and found a gap that needed attention. People would shop in US and come back with stylish work wear which was actually all ‘Made in India’. After having the exposure in US, studying the brands there, I saw a huge opportunity in terms of manufacturing while being bootstrapped. With times, we picked up funding and are concentrating on our expansion plans.

4. What are your Dos and Donts while making your designs?

Everything has to be work appropriate. At our office, every minute detail is taken care of. Our necks are high and cowls are done aesthetically. Even broad necks are work appropriate. The fabrics are premium and we use a lot of cotton and linen for breathability. We use anti-wrinkle fabrics so that they stay the whole day. We make comfort clothing that’s stylish at the same time.

Dipti Tolani Salt Attire
Prints that will make your heart go hmmm hmmm hmmm….

5. How do you decide on your collections?

We discuss in-house and decide as per seasonal, festive, party wear, back to work requirements. We relaunched our core collection recently.

6. Tell me about your tailored options. I’m really intrigued.

We do customised, bespoke corporate styles. One has to just login and upload the measurements. It’s very easy. We have clients who just call us and order their customised pieces.

7. How sustainable are your collections and the whole manufacturing process?

We do not mass produce. We make small amounts of inventory for people to try. We use a lot of cotton and natural fabrics. Thought we do need suiting fabrics for formal wear, we try our best to be sustainable.

8. What are your expansion plans for Salt Attire?

We plan to open a few more stores. We also plan to get to other online market places. We are also expanding in our collections. We have added midi-length in cotton for dinner & vacation. Though everything is work appropriate, we are adding variety in our designs.

9. How do you see the offline market evolving post pandemic?

I’m still bullish on the offline channel. Though offline channels are needed as customers like to touch and feel the fabric. Some offline presence is required as perfect fit cannot be translated in the online world. Omni channel would be the way forward. Try out and feel the fabric in the offline store and order online from then on. It just has to be seamless.

10. What is your advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Earlier I used to say start instantly but I’ll be conservative now. I’d say keep pushing and keep your spirits high. It won’t be raining orders all the time but keep going and never give up. Have a plan and execute it to your bestest capacity.

11. What matters to you the most?

CUSTOMER HAPPINESS- that’s all matters and that’s what inspires all of us. A customer should always leave a great feedback and be happy with us.

12. One reason to try Salt Attire?

Just try our product and you’ll drop everything & you’ll drop every other brand. Our team tries every product and the final fit goes out. Everything is tried & tested.

***Interview ends***

End note: Salt Attire will help you find your story, just like it helped me find mine. They have prints, fabrics, silhouettes that help you define yourself at work. You will stand out, that’s my promise!

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