Improve Your Guest Blogging Benefits

A Guest post is an important marketing tool and helps in boosting the image of your blog. New readers get to read your post and chances are they will visit your blog to read further about your genre. This makes the job of guest posting all the more credible because it is your instant claim to fame.

Guest posting should be given full respect and not only be seen as an internet marketing tool. The content which is the king is the priority always whether guest posting or posting on your own blog. For a reader, it is an information session and you happen to provide the same. Not only that, when you guest post, it becomes all the more a responsibility to do justice to your hosting site which is giving you a platform to promote yourself.

I have compiled some ways and means that can help you become a trusted guest blogger.

Make sure to choose the right blog or site to feature your post

Choose wisely the kind of blog for your guest posting effort. Does the target audience of the site match with your content? Are you comfortable with the topic covered on the host site? What are the number of visitors and page ranks of the blog?

Answer these questions to determine the right kind of blog to provide with the guest content.

Know the Submission Guidelines clearly

To ensure the approval of your submitted blog, follow the guidelines to the T. Check the word count requirements, writing style, content pre-requisites etc .Every blog demands unique and interesting content- always remember that.

Long term relationships always work

Establish a long term relationship with other blogs by interacting with them regularly. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Provide regular feedback on their articles and chances are they will start recognizing you. It will be easier for them to accept you as a guest blogger.

Keep the title: Crisp and catchy

While choosing the title for your guest post, keep it short and interesting. Half the work is done with an interesting headline. Grab the attention in the beginning only with a crispy title.

The Content of the post

Write the guest post with utmost honesty to gauge maximum audience. Don’t write to get some backlinks. The motto is to showcase your work on another platforms and give readers a view to your work, ideas. A well written blog will earn adequate backlinks, traffic to your own blog and your entire idea of writing a Guest post will be served.

Make Guest posting a regular habit

Keep writing guest posts to leverage the potential to the maximum. It should be an intrinsic part of your internet marketing plan. Plan monthly number of guest posts and write accordingly. This will help in tracking the result of guest blogging.

Guest posting in the right direction will reap endless results in the long run. Juice out the full potential of the platform and use it as an effective and efficient medium to promote your blog.


  1. Depends on the blog’s objective.In my opinion,Guest Posts are a good way to drive new traffic to your site/blog.

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