Ileana D’cruz gets expressive on Let’s Expresso!

Ileana Dcruz

Ileana D’cruz, Brand Ambassador for CLEAR opens her heart to Let’s Expresso in a candid interview. She speaks about her healthy hair, her beauty tips and grand association with the antidandruff Brand Clear for their all new campaign, ‘Nothing to Hide, Lots to show’. Ileana epitomises youth and their freedom from all insecurities. She is an aspiration filled with lively energy and excitement. She speaks with confidence and an arresting air of enigma and Let’s Expresso proudly presents her heart to heart interview. Here we go…

1. Tell us a little about the journey and association with CLEAR.

– As an actress transitioning from south Indian movies to mainstream Bollywood cinema, I would often worry about the changes and adjustments that come with it. But being the person I am, I realized it is my confidence that helped me stand tall through it all.  This in fact, did work wonders for me. A confidence, that comes from no fear of hiding from any scrutiny or judgment.  So when I was approached by the team at HUL to be brand ambassador for the new redefined CLEAR range, I found it very easy to relate to CLEAR’s ‘Nothing to Hide’ positioning. CLEAR has established its name as one of the most genuine hair care brands in India. To be part of the new CLEAR campaign, feels just right!

2. What motivated your association with CLEAR?

– It is always very flattering when you are approached by a well known brand to represent it. It is a great feeling and gives me a sense of accomplishment to be able to win a brand’s trust to represent it. Being the face of a well established and appreciated brand like CLEAR is another high altogether. It’s not just being a part of something new, but also a part of the legacy. CLEAR’s ‘Nothing to Hide’ attitude is very bold and exciting and also highly aspirational. It’s all about being confident. People’s perception of you is often based on your outward appearance, on how well presented you are. And the first attribute of a person that is noticed, is your face and hair. We all know that a confident personality is a sure shot winner wherever you go. The new CLEAR gives you exactly that, Nothing to Hide! Clean lively hair without any signs of dandruff and damage, giving you that extra confidence to achieve it all.

3. How excited are you about this new launch and campaign and how do you see the brand benefiting from your association?

– It feels really great! I have always been a very outgoing, confident person. So to be the face of a brand that promotes self confidence is a great connect. It is amazing that a well known brand like CLEAR took the initiative to reinvent itself. It shows the brands understanding of its consumer’s needs and also its understanding of an always evolving hair care market. Personally, I love, how they are redefining the attitude of ‘Nothing to Hide, lots to show’ through healthy hair. And I also feel the audience gets to see a little of the real side of me, after all, with nourished beautiful hair from Clear I have Nothing to hide!

4. What is the most challenging part of this association?

– I think the most challenging part of this association is getting the message across and making it aspirational for the people. “Nothing to hide, Lots to show” is a great message as it exudes a very positive and confident outlook. It is an attitude very much akin to today’s generation. It aims to invoke that go getter spirit in all, to let go of your inhibitions and feel positive and confident about being yourself.

5. Let us know a brief about your daily beauty and hair care regime.

– Proper intake of Vitamin E and Protein rich foods and keeping stress to a minimum is my ultimate mantra for beautiful well kept hair. I have a dandruff free scalp and hair that gives me the confidence to show it all.

Ileana Dcruz
Ileana Dcruz opening her heart and sharing her hair care secrets. Let’s Expresso beautiful hair.
Ileana Dcruz
Beautiful Ileana Dcruz at CLEAR press launch

6. How would you portray your personal fashion style?

– I have never been the type to follow trends as such. I keep myself up to date with them but eventually I wear what suits my body type and makes me feel comfortable, because if I’m not, it brings the whole outfit down, no matter how beautiful or expensive it is. I am partial to clean cuts, figure hugging pieces and don’t like overdoing anything. I like to keep it non fussy and simple.

7. You have to travel a lot with respect to your work. How do you maintain your healthy and beautiful hair in changing weather and harsh climatic conditions?

– That is every actresses biggest woe. It gets harder to maintain the health of your hair and skin due to constant hair colouring and heat styling. But what really helps here is a proper diet. Most important of all is using a shampoo that not only suits you but also has the goodness to take care of your hair under all conditions. CLEAR with its Nutrium oil complex ingredient is one such product that maintains the overall health of my hair. It gives me the confidence of nothing to hide, lots to show.

8. Who/What has been your biggest fashion influence?

– I don’t follow trends religiously nor do I look up to anybody in particular as my fashion inspiration. I go with my gut and what I feel flatter my body the most. At the end of it all you need to be comfortable in what you’re wearing to be able to carry it off beautifully.

9. How do you see India evolving in the beauty segment in say next 2 years?

– Beauty is by far the most elaborate industry I know of. The sheer volume of categories and brands is unbelievable. Also beauty is a recession proof segment; it will never go out of style or demand. So as far as I can predict, the next two years will only see more magic in terms of beauty!

10. What are the 5 must beauty products a woman should possess?

– A good compact, lip balm, sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer.

11. Share with us your favorite activities, hobbies.

– Living by the beach kept us very active as kids. Swimming, Jogging and anything else that helps me stay fit is a favorite. Besides that I enjoy my reading time too! Also I’m a professional bathroom singer! Haha

12. Any suggestions you want to give to a mother who is always concerned about her daughter’s beautiful locks?

– Maintain a healthy clean scalp. Oil hair regularly. For clean healthy and dandruff free nourished hair, use CLEAR.


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