I am a sum total of my experiences !

I am a sum total of my experiences .When I look at myself, I see the complete life story reeling around. The childhood, stepping over teens, suddenly turning 18 before even realizing where the teens went and then one day, I get my marrying rights-wooh the age of 21 strikes and then I stopped counting :p

It all starts with the fainting school memories –the first time experience of getting away from home, into a disciplined life of books, teachers and similar kids around. The era of lunch boxes, water bottles, pencils, erasers, and notebooks starts. The naïve kid with similar and smarter ones round tries to make friends and find acceptance in the new home away from home. The middle school and the high school days run the fastest. The biological changes coupled with the physical ones are easy to notice and experience and the first crush is remembered till today. The boards were like monsters sucking the blood out in 10th & 12th which thanks to the education system today, no longer haunts the kids.

The college recollections are the most interesting with the strong fascination of entering the zone of matures where the school kid suddenly feels strong to take on the world. Well, the books and the habit of marks take a back seat and bunking, watching movies, panting at pantry seems the way of life …The post graduation phase finishes before even starting and here one enters into the mad world of labour class 🙂

Now, the life comes to a constant phase- of making a living! Everything else is a fringe benefit. The working to earning phase is non-stop : jobs can change, one can get married, have kids, run for their education, run for time, run for health or probably run for life, but this becomes an omnipresent phase. And then when one sits to analyse one’s history –there are highs and lows, sorrows and joys, break ups and breakdowns, immense love and laughter …and a feeling of life worth living.

I ,as an individual become the sum total of all that I have left behind ,which impacts my today and which  gives me the strength to face tomorrow.

  1. Hi! Tanya
    You are an author with variety of experiences in your life. I fall here through a link from one of the article of geekloudy.com and I really spent more than 2 hours of my time reading all your articles which I usually don't do in any blog. Every article has a different expression and made my feelings touch few great memories of my life.

    Great to see Let's Expresso. Keep writing up few more great expressions.

    1. hey thank u so much.it encourages me to write more and more.do keep visiting the site for more articles…hope u like them aswell.Do like us on facebook for regular updates.wishing u the best !

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