How to wear a maxi skirt

What to wear with maxi skirts
Kritika Manchanda nicely pairs her maxi dress with a jacket and nice bag.
Designer Shilpa Reddy
Shruti Hassan wearing Designer Shilpa Reddy’s NEW YORK collection- Highlighting the beauty of geometric Ikkat.

Our country has reached Mars and you are still wondering how to wear a maxi skirt? Well we cannot promise you of Mars, but certainly can help you with the maxi skirt. Maxi skirts or maxi dresses have become the latest fashion trend. They are comfy and super chic. The market and online stores are full of different patterns and designs of maxi skirts, so how to choose the right one and what to wear with it? Don’t worry; we are here to completely enlighten you on all the ‘maxi skirt’ issues. So, sit back and relax.

Choose the right maxi skirt!

Be it Sarojini Nagar market or Forever 21, maxi skirts and dresses have taken the market by storm. They are everywhere – varying colors, materials and patterns. But how can one choose the right maxi dress amidst the plethora of choices available? The best answer is listening to your heart. And apart from that you can always rely on our expert tips (wink). The prime factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a maxi dress should be your body type. Choose a flowey material for summers and leave denims for winters. Floral and Aztec prints are totally in and suit all skin tones. You can also choose a backless or a deep neck maxi skirt as well. And just in case you are not very experimental types or don’t believe in flaunting your curves, then a long sleeved maxi dress would be the perfect option for you.

At no stage should you be a fashion victim. It is good to know the latest in fashion, but following it blindly is such a no – no. Add your personal touch to whatever you are wearing and then see how you become the center of all the attraction. There are chances that you might not be comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress, so don’t take it. Wear what you are comfortable in and think would be able to flaunt it.

What to wear with a maxi skirt

A lot of people keep wondering what to wear with a maxi skirt? Well, stop wondering now.

A maxi skirt is a very ‘happy’ mode of dressing. You can enhance your style quotient by carrying off the maxi skirt in different ways and with different accessories. Pair your maxi dress with the following –

  • A bright matching scarf or a sheer contrast scarf
  • A silk jacket
  • Statement neckpiece
  • Danglers or chunky earrings

Pairing a floral maxi dress with a denim shirt is also a great option. Knot up the shirt, a messy side braid, lots of bangles and long chain and your favorite gladiator sandals…you are ready for a brunch or a casual day out with friends.

You could also experiment with layering, try prints with neon and color blocking – it adds a lot of depth to the attire. Carry a sling bag or the evergreen tote bag and you are good to go. A dash of makeup and you have the world to conquer. Voila, now you all must have a fair idea on how to wear maxi skirts. So go out, flaunt it and keep it stylish.

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