How to use your wardrobe in covid time?

The second wave has hit us like a tsunami. The third wave is in the news too. The way this virus is mutating, the future is unexpectedly unexpected. The only way we can ensure our safety is by staying indoors and moving out only when absolutely essential. This brings us to the question of the day- How to use your wardrobe in covid time? Here are 5 ways as per my experience. Hope it helps you.

How to use your wardrobe in covid time?

1.Wear everything one by one: I’m doing this consciously. I am not repeating clothes thinking that I’m at home so it doesn’t matter because it does. I pick a different top/t shirt/ kurta everyday and it doesn’t matter if it’s a new or an old top. The idea is to use the whole wardrobe so that nothing is left unworn. Wear everything one by one so that you use all the pieces in your wardrobe.

2.Do not sit in your pyjamas the whole day: I know that zoom meetings can be done in a shirt and pyjamas but why? Nobody can see your pyjamas but you can. See good things. How about wearing a skirt, half pants, palazzos or a jumpsuit for a change? That long black dress, oh don’t miss that one please.

3.Treat everyday as a new day: Yes, with every day the date changes and that date is never coming back. Why not wear something that makes you feel good of the date? How about wearing a nice earring today and a stunning neckpiece tomorrow. Artificial stuff corrodes, loses sheen and spark overtime. You’ll anyways give it away so why not wear it and make the most of your investment? Think about it.

4.Give respect to yourself: What you wear affects you. Wear nice clothes as a mark of respect to yourself. You see yourself everyday. See the good version of yours.

5.Clothes wear and tear lying in the wardrobe: Thus, it’s a good idea to wear all the clothes. Wear all your clothes so that they get washed and ironed. Your clothes are happier on you than lying in the wardrobe.

You’ll never find me in pyjamas and tshirts during the day. I’m ensuring judicious use of my wardrobe. When the times will change, most likely we’ll end up replacing our wardrobes or buying many items in excitement. The existing clothes will again take the backseat including the new ones. Here comes the fundamentals of conscious living. Be mindful of your new purchases. Whatever you wear and buy has an effect on the environment. Therefore, make wise purchasing decisions. Rest, you all are intelligent.

Hope you liked the article. I sincerely wish you make ample use of your existing wardrobe. If you’d like to add a point, do let me know in the comments below. It’s always nice to hear from you all.

Till then, take care!

Stay safe, stay wise.

💜 Tanya, helping you live well!

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