6 Easy & effortless ways to store your wedding lehanga

how to store wedding lehnga
Wrap it up in a soft mulmul cloth to keep your precious lehnga dust free. Source – shaadi store

How to store wedding lehanga? This is the question every new bride faces. The modern age brides are practical and pretty smart. But for most of them preserving the bridal outfit becomes a matter of concern. Today we bring for you some amazing tips and tricks that’ll help you store your wedding lehanga in an easy and convenient manner.

how to store wedding lehanga
Care for your wedding lehanga!
Source – women oracle

When you spend a fortune on your wedding dress and then realize that it may never be used again, it so heartbreaking. But if you store your wedding lehnga properly, you can definitely wear it again.

Here’s how to store wedding lehanga in 6 easy & effortless ways

1. Check Check

After the functions, check the lehnga and see if it needs retouching or cleaning. There might be a frayed thread, a mirror or two coming off, or a slight patch that needs to be properly stitched. Get this fixed before cleaning and storing the lehnga.

best way to store wedding lehnga,
Preserve the special outfit in a special way, so that it can be worn again.
Source – frugal2fab

2. Get it dry cleaned

Next step is to get your lehnga dry cleaned. It might not be dirty, but getting the lehanga dry cleaned will get rid of any unwanted odor or tiny spots. It will also get rid of sweat blotch and make your lehnga as fresh as new.

how to pack wedding lehnga
Check, Clean, Store!
Source – Shyamal and Bhumika

3. Hang it or box it?

A lot of people struggle to find the answer whether to hang the wedding lehnga or keep it folded in a box. Most wedding lehngas are heavily embellished, so hanging them is not a feasible option. It might lose its shape, the delicate fabric may get spoilt, the seams might sag at the ends. So to avoid all this, it is recommended that you fold it and keep it safe and clean in a box.

how to fold bridal lehnga
To keep your lehnga looking as good as new, store it in a box.
Source – the knot

4. The right way to fold

Now comes the tedious part. Folding the mighty wedding lehnga in the right way needs some perfection. You cannot just fold in between the panels. The random creases will destroy the embroidery and fabric.

The skirt needs extra care. Make sure to fold it in small folds, starting from the outer edge. Place butter paper between each fold and prevent sagging or scratching. Also try and fold along the panel lines, this will make sure that creases aren’t formed in between the panels.

how to clean lehnga at home
Proper folds will help your pretty lehnga look bomb.com!
Source – wedmegood

5. Wrap it up

Once you’ve folded the lehnga properly, wrap it in a soft muslin cloth before storing it in the box. Choose a muslin cloth that is unbleached. The muslin wrap will keep dust and moisture at bay, to keep your lehnga fresh and new.

how to store wedding lehnga
Wrap it up in a soft mulmul cloth to keep your precious lehnga dust free.
Source – shaadi store

6. Choose the right box

Unlike other clothing items that can be directly stored in your closet, your wedding lehnga demands a tad bit extra. You need to store it away from direct sunlight, so that the colors remain intact.

Choose a sturdy cardboard box. Place the lehnga wrapped in muslin cloth in the box and store it in a cool dry place. To keep moth and insects away, you can add cloves, potpourri, naphthalene balls, or a few drops of lavender essential oil to the box.

 how to store wedding lehanga
Its not just the lehnga you’re preserving, but also the memories.
Source – the Delhi bride

Once stored, make sure to take it out once a year. Let the fabric breathe, re-fold it so that the creases don’t become permanent.

Reuse and Recycle 

Follow these tips and you can keep your wedding lehnga sparkling new for a long time. You can also reuse it for a friend’s or cousin’s wedding. If you feel you won’t be reusing the lehnga again, you can transform it into something new. Use the laces, pair up the choli with a plain saree, use the dupatta with some other suit, or just convert the skirt into an anarkali.

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Hope you liked our easy and effortless tips and would keep your precious lehnaga in the most impeccable way. Our endeavour is to always help you all in the most easy ways and make your lives hassle free.

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Till then, lots of love!

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