5 ways to save from tan in summers

tanya virmani
Cover up like Tanya. She is wearing her favourite Tommy Hilfiger scarf like a cover up and walking in style.

We all enjoy the flowy dresses and flip flops in summers, but have you ever thought of the side effects of these? That stubborn tan which refuses to go away. Read our post and save yourself from tan this summer.

tan protection
Minimize the effect of tanning this summer with these effective tips.
Source – elle mer swimwear

Tanning is one of the most common skin issues in summers. So why give your skin so much trouble, when you can protect it with some simple choices.

How to save from tan in summers?

So here are 5 ways to save yourself from tan this summer.

1. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun

The most obvious and common way is to wear sunscreen. There are various kinds available – spray, matte, gel etc. Make sure you choose the sunscreen as per your skin type.

how to save yourself from tanning
Sunscreen – the legit best friend for summers!
Source – cosmopolitan

Another important thing to keep in mind while making the choice for a sunscreen is that it should offer broad spectrum protection i.e. protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Whether it is a beach vacation or a mountain vacation, a sunscreen is a must have in your bag.
Source – consumerreports.org

Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen every 2 – 3 hours for maximum benefit. I know we all get lazy, but do it for your skin. It will delay pre-mature skin ageing and wrinkles.

2. Cover up to protect yourself

Avoid stepping out in direct sunlight. But I know that isn’t possible. So carry an umbrella or cover yourself up with a dupatta or a scarf to minimize the sun damage. Wear long sleeved loose clothes so that your skin is saved from the blazing direct sun.

tanya virmani how to save from tan in summers
Cover up like Tanya. She is wearing her favourite Tommy Hilfiger scarf like a cover up and walking in style.
summer style
That hat has our heart!
Perfect inspiration to run away for a vacation.
Source – robolikesisfit

It is not just your skin that needs protection, but also your eyes and hair. Wear a fancy bandana or a wide brim hat to keep your luscious locks safe from the heat and the direct sunlight.

sun protection
Summer vibes on point!
Source – feedpuzzle

Also now is the time to put that army of sunglasses to best use. Look fancy and protect your eyes. Make sure that your sunglasses are of good quality to provide maximum sun protection.

summer fashion
Flaunt those sunglasses in style!!
Source – shopstyle

3. Wear closed shoes this summer

Summer is the time to flaunt that fresh pedicure in those cutesy flip flops. But when your feet are exposed to sun it will only lead to intensive tanning.

Switch to closed shoes this summer and protect your feet from those ugly tan lines. We don’t mean wear boring leather shoes. Wear shoes that protect your feet from direct sunlight.

Simple is the new classy! Source - lindsay marcella
Simple is the new classy!
Source – lindsay marcellan

Choose comfortable wedges that would go with both western and ethnic wear. You could also choose ballerina flats, casual flat sandals, or even block heels, the idea is to look glamorous yet keep tanning at bay.

summer shoes
Such cutesy wedges!
Source -savedbythedress

Sneakers are an all time favorite. They are comfortable and look stylish as well. For some added fun element you could experiment with glitter sneakers, metallic sneakers, or the mood for the season – floral sneakers.

summer shoes
For the love of all things floral!
Source – amzn.to

4. Style your outfits with summer shrugs

Summer shrugs are a great way to spruce up your summer wardrobe. And secretly protect yourself from tanning. You could wear a colourful shrug over basic denim and tee, and it’ll amp up the look.

tanya virmani how to save from tan in summers
Tanya Virmani in her signature Louis Vuitton bag and a shrug that saves from tan and amplifies the look.
summer fashion
This floral shrug is nothing less than a dream!
Source – fashionandstylev.blogspot.rs

Go street shopping or online shopping for some kimonos, and you’ll surely thank us later. Wear it over your swimsuit at the beach and protect yourself! Wear a fringed kimono over your favorite crop top and shorts and be vacay ready!

I know what I am packing for my next vacay... Source - abecrombie & fitch
I know what I am packing for my next vacay…
Source – abecrombie & fitch

Kimonos make the perfect choice for summer layering, which is one of the hottest fashion trends this season. Read more about summer layering here.

sun protection
A simple shirt would also do a good job in saving you from the tan!
Source – wachabuy

5. Reverse sun damage

The sun is so harsh in summers that apart from tan we also have to fight sunburns and pigmentation. Clay masks are a great way to control excess oil and cool down the skin.

clay face mask
Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa day at home. Source – athar’a

The best way to soothe sunburns is to apply aloe-vera gel. Aloe-vera cools the skin and aids in healing the skin.

aloe vera gel
Aloe-vera gel is a great remedy for skin problems like tanning and pigmentation.
Source – onlymyhealth

The scorching heat and the sharp brightness in summers can have adverse effects on your eyes. Place a thin slice of cucumber on your eyes, it’ll be greatly refreshing after a hard tiring day.

how to save from tan in summers
Cool it off!
Source – The Express Tribune

Find out more about some easy home remedies to ban the tan.

Follow these easy peasy tips and enjoy the weather. If you have any tips on how you save yourself from tanning, share them in the comments section below.

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