How to repeat your clothes in the coolest ways?

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Repeating clothes is cool. Mixing & matching is cool.

Wearing one outfit more than once isn’t something to be ashamed of. And even if somebody is watching, the question is should you really care? In a time when fashion is shifting towards ‘Sustainability‘ and ‘buying quality over quantity’ there is no problem in repeating your clothes. Trust me. Repeating clothes is the new cool.

Here are 6 ways to help you repeat your clothes in the coolest ways.

1.Wear what you like

You buy a piece because it fascinates you and if such a beautiful piece is worn only once, it seems absurd to even buy it at the first place. You need to re-wear what you like because every time you wear that amazing outfit, the little joy of doing justice to it will make you happier and even though you will repeat your clothes, you will still look chic and stand out no matter what.

2.Restyle your clothes

If you get a little self-conscious about repeating your clothes (which you shouldn’t), try and restyle your clothes and make them look unique. For example, if you do not want to wear the same dress again, try and pair it with a nice jacket or a belt or a clutch that will completely change the overall look. Fashion needs to be flexible and sustainable. You can maximise your potential and creativity to bring out new outfits with the same old ones.

3.Don’t dress up for social media

Just because you wore an outfit on your social media does not mean that it’s the last time you will wear it. You can even trick on the social media. Space out your particular outfit pictures or take pictures in different angles on different locations or else style it in a new way.

4.Quality matters

Invest in quality and not quantity because if you buy an item you admire, you want to wear it more than once. If you do not buy the right quality, you cannot even wear it twice so it is more like a waste of your money.

5.Dress happy

If you like a particular outfit, if you look very stylish in it, if it’s comfortable for you, keep wearing it. You cannot buy a new dress every day and that’s common sense.

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6.Normalise repeating outfits

Repeating your outfits is important for a larger cause. It is important for people to see you repeating so that they don’t feel the pressure to shop regularly and waste their money. This makes the society unsustainable and judgemental. It is not realistic to encourage disposable or throw away fashion because that is not sustainable. This is why repeating your clothes is the need of the hour especially if you want to save your money and secure yourself. Covid has really taught us a lot.

I really hope that repeating clothes is considered cool and stylish. Let’s do our bit to change the mindsets and normalise repeating dresses.

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Take care & keep repeating your clothes to look your stylish best! Do leave me your thoughts on repeating clothes in the comments below.

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